Getting content ideas for all of your marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, and others, can be difficult. However, instead of constantly coming up with original ideas for each platform, you should take the content from your website’s blog and repurpose it for other marketing channels. In this article, I’m going to cover the art of repurposing content. We’ll cover why it’s important, how to effectively repurpose, and give you 5 ideas that you can implement today. 


What is Content Repurposing & Why Is It Important?

Content repurposing is the process of using one core piece of content and reformatting it to be displayed on different marketing channels. 

For example, Let’s say you host a weekly live podcast on Twitch. You could record the podcast’s video and audio then…

  1. Upload it to YouTube once the podcast has finished.  
  2. Convert the audio into written notes. These could then be used to write a blog.
  3. Sound bits could also be written and included in email marketing campaigns.
  4. Specific clips can be taken from the recording and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Clips could also be used as ads for your podcast or business. 

Content repurposing essentially enables businesses to fill all of their marketing channels. It gives high-quality content without the struggle of coming up with original ideas for each platform. 

Repurposing also helps businesses to reach a wider audience. An audience that might not be tuning into the live podcast or other forms of content.

Marketing nowadays usually requires a multi-generational approach. You have to market both younger and older generations. Repurposing content enables businesses to create content for different platforms. So they can appeal to and attract audiences of all ages.

So what are the best ways to repurpose your blog content?


5 Blog Content Repurposing Ideas

#1 YouTube Videos

You can take the topic of each blog post and remake them into YouTube videos.

There are a few ways of repurposing blogs into YouTube videos. One thing you could do is make your blog posts and rewrite them into a more casual video script. Then you or an actor could narrate in a video. 

Something else you could do is create a video that uses subtitles only. Then grab the most important snippets and put them into text. In addition, use appropriate stock images or video clips.

Once the video is complete, you can upload it to YouTube. Be sure to title it so that it targets your chosen keyword.


#2 Instagram Stories

Similar to how you’d repurpose content into a YouTube video, you could also create Instagram story content. 

By taking important snippets from your blog content, you can create either narrated clips or create simple text-graphic videos that are optimized for Instagram stories.


#3 Facebook Ads

Use the most engaging blog posts to create targeted Facebook ads to create new leads or build your brand’s audience. 

Take important sound bites from your blog content and then create either a still image or a video Facebook ad. I’d recommend using the most interesting information from your blog in your image or video to get the most engagement on your advert.


#4 Twitter Threads

Twitter threads are essentially a collection of Tweets that are connected together — when you write a Tweet, you have the option to click the “(+)” to begin adding another Tweet and create a thread.

The reason I’ve included Twitter threads as an idea for repurposing content is that threads are a very popular form of content on Twitter — many Twitter users like to gain a deeper insight on a particular topic past the 280 character limit, so threads tend to generate a lot of engagement.

You can take your blog post and reformat it into an engaging Twitter thread. Depending on your blog, I’d recommend cutting down the blog into the most important pieces of information, and then adding the text into a Twitter thread.


#5 Podcast Topics

If you haven’t started thinking about podcasting, then I highly recommend you look into it and see if it’s a good idea for your business. Here’s our guide on starting a podcast.

But, if you have started a podcast and you’re constantly looking for things to talk about, you should look at your business blog and use blog content as a talking topic on your podcast.

You can take each heading of your blog post and use them as chapters in each podcast episode, where you can ask questions to guests or discuss each heading of the particular topic. 

You could also bring on guests that specialize in each topic to build upon the content you’ve already written about.


Use Repurposing to Target More People

Repurposing your blog content can have multiple benefits and enables you to create even more content across all of your marketing channels.

Increasing your business’s reach is one of the key goals of any marketing strategy, but content repurposing makes reaching new audiences a whole lot easier. 

Blog content repurposing doesn’t stop at the ideas I’ve outlined in this article — get creative and find new ways that you can repurpose your already existing content to boost your business’s following. 

For more information on how to improve your business’s marketing strategy, read through some of the latest posts on the Intentionally Inspirational blog.


Written by Lewis James