In this blog, we talk a lot about offering value to your clients. Whether it’s through blog posts like this one, video tutorials, or simply emailing out an article to clients, value is an essential piece of your sales structure. That value, more often than not, will help you make the sale in the end. One of the most significant pieces of value that you can offer your potential clients is a podcast. While it takes a considerable time commitment, it can also yield substantial rewards and not just in a monetary sense.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at how small business owners can benefit from podcasting.


1. Build Your Brand

Like all pieces of your marketing toolbox, podcasting is going to reinforce your brand’s message. It’s another touchpoint for you to either establish or re-establish your brand with a customer.


2. Reach a New Audience

Sometimes I browse iTunes looking for a specific topic. I’m a writer, so I occasionally look for a podcast that tackles writing’s ups and downs. Then, I listen to see if I like it.

Podcasting has the potential to reach an entirely new audience that has never heard of you before. You can also use podcasting to reach someone else’s audience.

Oftentimes, podcasters will do crossovers. You become a guest on their podcast, and they become a guest on yours. You reach their audience, and they reach yours.

Don’t overlook the potential for market growth that podcasting offers.


3. Networking

Most podcasts spice things up with guests. Think of this as your own little networking session that also doubles as content. You have the opportunity to spend 30 minutes to an hour talking to someone new.

Conversations like that tend to form a bond between two people. Use podcasting to help you network with people you’ve never met before and develop new relationships that will help you grow your business.


4. Learn Something New

While you’re networking, learn something new. Even people in your industry have different experiences and knowledge bases. Odds are, you’re going to learn something new during a 30-minute conversation.

Podcasting gives you the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge base.


5. Maximize Your Content

This one comes from Financial Samurai, who points out that a podcast is a great way to maximize the content that you already have. “If you’ve decided your post is good enough to publish, then your post is simply a meaty script for what you can discuss on your podcast,” writes Sam in his blog post.

He says that, at the very least, you have a topic that you can discuss with a podcast guest or co-host.

Don’t think of podcasting as creating entirely new content. Think of podcasting as another piece of your marketing puzzle. It works in conjunction with your blog, your social media, etc.


6. Fill Your Content Calendar

While you’re maximizing your content, you’re also helping to fill your monthly content calendar. Your podcast is just another thing that you can push out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Like I said, another piece of the puzzle.


7. Possible Stream of Revenue

Intentionally Inspirational founder Jason Wright talks a lot about what he calls the “Six Buckets of Income.” These buckets are six different streams of revenue for your business. Even if one or two of your buckets dry up, you still have other revenue to keep your business going while you find new buckets.

Do not imagine that podcasting will make you rich, but it does have the potential to add revenue to your business through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.


8. Build Your Authority and Credibility

As ConvertKit explains, “The more openly you share your expertise, the more others will trust you. That trust translates into higher conversions because people want to buy from those who have authority and credibility.”

Most sales today are built on trust. Podcasting allows you to use your knowledge to build trust, which in turn makes sales.


9. Build Self Confidence

Some people can be the most knowledgeable person in the room but still, be afraid to share that knowledge. If you’re not used to flaunting your know-how, it can be challenging to start.

According to blogger the Teacherpreneur, he’s heard from loads of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide who say they feel more self-confident after launching their podcast.


10. Build Communication Skills

This one goes hand in hand with building self-confidence. The blog The Daily Positive says one of the critical benefits of podcasting is building your communication skills.

“Podcasting allows you to speak in a natural and normal flow, and, over time, you will become a proficient speaker,” writes Trevor.

Use podcasting not only as a way to better your business but also to better yourself as a business owner.


11. You’re Available at Anytime

Okay, so it’s not entirely true, but it’s close.

What happens if someone is Googling a question at midnight and your podcast comes up in the search results? Suddenly, you’re providing the answer that they’re searching for, and you didn’t have to wake up to do it.

Podcasting will make you available to your customers 24/7/365, even when you’re not physically available.


12. It’s Fun

Finally, Content Specialist Tyler Basu probably says it best. Podcasting is fun.  “Of all the activities that fill up my calendar throughout the week, recording a podcast episode is definitely one of my favorites,” said Basu.

Podcasting is your opportunity to talk about something you’re knowledgeable about or learn something you’ve always wanted to know. Either way, take your time and enjoy the journey.



Like most value adds, podcasting is not going to make you rich overnight. It may not even make a dent in your sales revenue. But it doesn’t cost a lot to do either.

Podcasting is the kind of value add that gains traction over time. It slowly sneaks up on you. It’s the kind of thing that you need to stick with to reap the true rewards.

Do not get discouraged if that first podcast or even that tenth episode doesn’t gain a following. Just because money isn’t coming in, you may still be nudging a potential client closer to that final sale.

Plus, you’re getting the benefits of all the other items listed above.


Written by Erika Towne