To run a successful marketing campaign in 2021, you need to utilize video in some way, shape, or form. This use may be as simple as an explainer video posted on Facebook or a landing page, or it may be more complex like an ad on YouTube. 

Moving forward, you should look at each piece of content that you create for your business and think, can this also be told in video format? Would there be a benefit in sharing this as a video?

Here’s why.


They have a more extensive audience reach.

According to YouTube, over 2 billion users log into YouTube each month. Every day, people watch over a billion hours of video. That video is viewed in more than 100 countries and 80 different languages. 

On Facebook, 99 Firms reported that more than 4 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day, totaling 100 million watchable content hours. 

If you do not use it as a marketing tool, you are missing out on a massive audience. 


It has multiple uses.

Video is amazingly versatile. You can create one and then post it on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all at once. Share that video on Twitter and LinkedIn. Email it to your current clients. Then place it on your landing page. 

With video, you can create one item and use it on multiple social media and business channels at once.


Videos and the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Video can also increase your chances of landing on page one of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google has programmed its algorithm to not only offer you links to written answers for your search query but also videos that may answer your question. 

Recently, I needed to replace the drain in my bathtub. I had no idea how to do it. So I Googled it. But I didn’t click on the first webpage that came up. I clicked on the first video. It wasn’t a video made by Roto-Rooter or another national corporation but by a solo plumber from the Midwest. 

He’s the one who helped me replace my drain. 

Videos can help small businesses reach a massive audience.


It can increase conversion rates.

Not only do you show up in more search engine results, but you also sell more. According to blogger Neil Patel, the website Stacks and Stacks saw sales increase by 144% after visitors viewed product videos. Meanwhile, Advanced Auto Parts saw visitors stay twice as long on its webpage if the visitor was watching an explainer video.

Videos help grab and maintain interest longer, which increases the odds of you making a sale.


Videos increase your connection with customers.

When a viewer watches it, they see you, and they hear you talking to them. Even though you’re not in the same room and have never spoken in person to the customer, a video creates a connection to your customers. 

A video makes it look like you’re talking right to them. Viewers now recognize the sound of your voice; they know what you look like. This creates a connection to you in their mind. You are now a living, breathing person with personality and emotion.

From now on, when the customer hears your business name, they picture your face, and they hear your voice. 

It’s a strong connection.


Videos are visually stimulating. 

Videos are simply fun to watch. Think about this. Do you have more fun reading a 500-word news article or looking at a 90-second video on the same topic?

Videos, even some poorly made ones, are just fun to watch.

Videos provide emotion.

Plus, videos add emotion that you sometimes can’t convey in text. There’s a reason why writing a book is difficult. It’s because not everyone can express themselves or their emotions in words. 

In most instances, people speak better than they write. They are better at physically showing their emotions than saying them aloud. 

That’s why video is often a much better medium. The emotions that you want to convey are expressed or shown instead of written. 


Video can be shared.

When you create a video that someone connects to emotionally or is visually stimulated by, you create something shareable. Suddenly, viewers want to tell their friends about this cool video that they saw or this incredible story that they heard. 

It creates shareable content.



Video betters your chances of achieving your marketing goals at almost every touchpoint. It would be a mistake to disregard video.

If you’re looking to start small, I suggest trying a live video stream first. Not only is it an easy way to dip your toe into the video creation process, but there are also benefits to it. I have tips on how and why to go live in this previous blog post

If you’re worried about creating videos amidst the chaos of work from home, then check out this previous blog post first. 

Don’t let hypotheticals stop you from taking your marketing efforts to new heights in 2021.


Written by Erika Towne