Jumping into the video marketing game can be tough. It’s daunting for people who have never made a video. It seems complex and too technical. The funny thing is, that can’t be further from the truth.

Video marketing can be as simple as clicking a button on your computer or pressing the record button on your smartphone.

And simple is good because video marketing is something you can’t afford to avoid. More and more people are foregoing reading to see if there’s a YouTube video that will offer them the same information. If you’re not making videos, then potential customers are headed to your competition to get that information.

Don’t let that happen.


No Office is No Excuse

I know what you’re thinking, the office is quiet and it’s neater than the “office space” that I carved out for myself in the living room. This work at home system is making it impossible to make a video.

Not true.

Here are some videos you can make from just about anywhere, including your home.


The Video Podcast

Intentionally Inspirational founder Jason Wright does a podcast with leadership coach Brandy Montambo and they also do it in video format. Think of this like a Zoom meeting that you Zoombombed, but in a nice way. You have the chance to sit with the two hosts as they talk to their guest, or simply chat with one another about the latest trends in business and marketing.

You can see a recent video podcast here.

From the production standpoint, this is a super simple video to make. Much like a Zoom meeting, all you need is a camera on your computer, a clean wall behind you, and a quiet space.


The Explainer Video

I like the explainer video because it’s something you can do in your yoga pants and t-shirt if you want.

An explainer video is when you, as an expert, explain something to people.

If you plan it correctly, you can simply create a PowerPoint presentation and then hit record. You talk over the graphics just like you’re screen sharing a presentation to your colleagues.

It’s one of the simplest ways to create a video and it looks professional even when you’re not dressed professionally.


The Tutorial or Demo

Think of this as a show and tell. This is the video where you show someone how to use your product or service.

Tutorial videos are really good for companies like plumbers or electricians. The company shows you how to do something simple like change the faucet on your sink or replace an electrical outlet. Then, when you have a big job that needs to be done, you remember the company that helped you out and you call them first.

This is the perfect way for a small business to offer something small for free in return for a bigger purchase later on.

If you want to create a visual tutorial like this, all you need is a smartphone with a quality camera and someone who can film your work. It’s also possible to use a camera stand as long as you’re keeping an eye on what’s being filmed. The worst thing is making a video and then discovering that your work wasn’t on camera for half of the video.

Tutorials or demos can also be done on the computer in much the same way as the explainer video. If you plan to do that, all you need to do is share your screen as you do a walkthrough.


Question and Answer Session

This one is really easy because the content practically writes itself. If you have questions that your clients ask all of the time, you’ve created your first question and answer session.

My best example of a question and answer session is a Wired series where celebrities answer the web’s most searched questions about them. If you need an example, check out this one Nick Offerman did recently.

Production-wise, all you need is a steady camera (i.e. your smartphone propped up) and a list of questions. Wired really went low tech with what amounts to a piece of paper with tape on it. This can be done in a PowerPoint presentation too, but it lacks the fun suspense of the reveal.


Live Video

Once you become a home video pro, make sure you explore the idea of live video. As I explained in a previous post, live video can have a much more forgiving audience. That means a sudden shout from a child in the background is something that audience members find cute and endearing instead of sloppy and poorly put together.

Live video is a lot easier than most people think and it’s much more powerful. Once you start feeling comfortable in front of a camera, live video marketing is something you should explore.


Finally Video Marketing…

Make sure that your video marketing is always sensitive to the times. With thousands of Americans suffering from novel coronavirus, you need to be careful of how you phrase things and the jokes that you make. If you need some tips for how to be humorous or happy in this time of coronavirus, check out this previous post.


Written by Erika Towne