Guest Promotion

Intentionally Inspirational is now offering paid spots on the Intentionally Inspirational podcast, as an option. Our audience includes amazing entrepreneurs and people who want to or are in the process of making their startup dreams a reality.

Our previous guests include inspiring people like John Lee Dumas, Brian Scudamore, Jordan Syatt, Jeffrey Feldberg, Rachel Pedersen and many more.

What can you expect from the Intentionally Inspirational promotion option?

We will always put our focus on the value that our guests create for our listeners. For $75, the paid promotion will offer the following:

  • A conversation focused on a book, product or service that you want to promote at the 10,000-foot level.
  • The opportunity to share your story and offer several ways in which your proposition will eliminate a pain point or challenge for my listeners.
  • An expedited release of your show.
  • A big push of your episode across all our social platforms and the weekly Inspire Nation newsletter (this will feature a picture of you, a quote from the show and a link back to the episode).
  • The inclusion of a 100-word pitch (provided by you!), complete with your call to action and links to your own profile(s).
  • Enhanced visibility with your episode being featured prominently on our homepage and all of our podcast related pages for a month.

Here’s the best thing about all of this. Unlike radio, your episode never ever goes away!

If you want in, click here!