Episode #69 – From Obsession To Success To Obsession with Jeffrey Feldberg

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes that I have ever done!  I think that it was to comfort factor and natural flow of the conversation, honestly. Jeffrey and I talked a bit after the show and I think he had the same reaction to it that I did. This is exactly what this podcast is all about! Great content, amazing stories, and completely authentic reactions to it all.  One of my biggest takeaways from this episode is to remain patient and commit to the vision for the long haul.

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Jeffrey and I plan to remain in touch for the foreseeable future, which is a phenomenal perk of being a podcast host. I get to build a real network with successful people all over the planet. The audience benefits from the rich content and I sincerely hope that it inspires some of you to get out there and make something happen.  I hope that each of my guests walks away from the experience with some new perspectives as well.

If any of you are interested in reaching out to Jeffrey for yourself, check out his site at jeffreyfeldberg.com.

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Conversational Notes from This Episode

  • Entrepreneurship is about helping people.
  • Ask yourself “What is a pain point you are passionate about and how can you solve it?” Put the best solution out there.
  • Success is a mindset, a journey but to get there, it starts from within.
  • Everything that you need for success is within you right now. You don’t have to go anywhere else.
  • Success leaves clues. Look to other people that have done it. Mirror or replicate what they’ve done, and take time off your journey to get there quicker.
  • Do what you need to do, and tell the world through your actions.
  • The start and end point of all businesses answers the following questions:
    • What’s the massive problem that you’re solving?
    • How many people is it affecting?
    • Is it a painful enough problem that people will pay you to solve it?
  • Next time that big failure happens or that challenge drives you crazy, know that it is making you strong, better and preparing you for success.
  • The 24-hour rule >>> Wallow in your losses. Celebrate in your successes. Tomorrow is a new day. Show up with your best game face on.
  • Resourcefulness more than resources is really where things are at.


About Jeffrey

Like you, entrepreneur and thought leader Jeffrey Feldberg cheers entrepreneurs who change society.

With over two decades of real-life experience, Jeffrey’s view is different and intriguing. Most important, Jeffrey has real-life, in-the-trenches experience of building an 8 figure business.

The motto ‘Your Success. My Obsession.®’ is the driving force for Jeffrey to help entrepreneurs change the world.

As a best-selling author and blogger, Jeffrey shares principles that get results. Jeffrey blends his in-the-trenches business stories with his story telling ability.

Through his coaching, Jeffrey brings out the best in you with his candid, yet caring manner.

Jeffrey can be reached through hello[at]jeffreyfeldberg[dot]com and promises to personally reply.