Episode #36 – Ordinary To Exceptional with Brian Scudamore

This 25-minute episode is the end result of several conversations and a few months of patience to get onto Brian’s schedule. I must say that it was well worth the wait!  I listened to him on the Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn and I was encouraged by his advice of simply asking for the opportunities that you want.  I took his advice and reached out to him and chatted with him through Twitter. The rest is history!

In this episode, Brian offered the listeners of Inspire Nation his personal email address if you want to reach out to him with questions about his company’s vision statement. The email address is: info@o2ebrands.com

Brian also mentions his involvement with a Master Mind group, EO (Entrepreneur Organization) and a program at MIT called, “Birthing of Giants.”

Pay attention and notice that every successful entrepreneur has a strong team, involvement with a Master Mind group, and a strong support network with other like-minded individuals! Still, think you can get to the next level all alone?


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Check out Brian’s company and its family of brands below:

O2E brands


WOW 1 Day Painting

You Move Me

Shack Shine