Episode #65 – Social Media 101 with Rachel Pederson


This is the kind of show that really keeps me doing what I am doing.  Rachel and I had a lot of fun while delivering valuable content at the same time.  At some point during our conversation, I noticed the unmistakeable sound of her connection turning off.  I have recorded over 70 podcasts and this was certainly a first for me, so I wasn’t really sure how this would turn out.  We reconnected with an iPhone and the little earbuds that come with it and we still got it done.  Her MacBook Air didn’t want to cooperate and unfortunately, this brings back recent memories to me and all of the tech issues that I have fought through lately.

Rachel brought an awesome story of explosive business growth and offered a ton of tips and insight for social that I was not expecting.  I strongly recommend following her across her social networks and checking out everything that she has to offer.  I would connect with her on LinkedIn and just let her know where you heard about her.  She is on twitter and Instagram @TheMrsPedersen and on Facebook @the.mrs.pedersen, so check her out.

Finally, you can see everything that she does on her website: http://rachelpedersen.com


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About Rachel

I’m Rachel Pedersen. Full-time Social Media Strategist and Manager. 8 months ago, I began this journey while working in my 9-5 (actually, it was an 8-5) day job, and quickly replaced my income…. And I built a clientele that I loved working with.Today, I am empowering Social Media Managers to do the same. Everyone deserves the freedom that I have found and enjoy each day.