Episode #70 – Entrepreneurs On Fire with John Lee Dumas

This is an incredibly cool episode for me for a bunch of reasons! For starters, a few episodes after I started podcasting, another successful entrepreneur suggested that I check out John’s podcast, EO Fire. I quickly figured out that John had created incredible success for himself and it revolved around his 7 days a week podcast for entrepreneurs.  John had a free podcasting course that was very, very thorough in nature and it actually taught me the ropes of the industry.

John had a free podcasting course that was very, very thorough in nature and it actually taught me the ropes of the industry. My wife clearly remembers me reviewing the videos for hours and hours on end, because I had the dream of building my own podcast that other people would actually listen to. I decided that I would get him onto my show someday, and it looks like episode #70 marks that day for me.  The next milestone for me is to be invited on his show, which receives millions of downloads per month!!

Early on in the conversation, I caught myself in interview mode and then I transitioned into my regular conversational style. I think that I was caught up in listening and forgot that I was actually in front of a hot mic too! John had 24 conversations scheduled on the day that we recorded and I only had 15 minutes with him. I didn’t waste a second and captured over 14 minutes of content on the show. With nearly 1,700 podcast episodes just on EO Fire (he has additional podcasts too), he is 1,630 episodes ahead of me. Unreal…

To check out an amazing podcast and serious resources for the serious entrepreneur, go to EOFire.com and see what the buzz is all about.

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Conversational Notes from This Episode

  • There are three main ingredients to building an audience that knows, likes and trusts you. You have to deliver free, valuable and consistent content.
  • As a startup in your first year, you need to look at your business as a funnel. Everything you do should take your avatar – your one perfect listener – on a journey. Take your avatar on a journey, and that journey is going to continue delivering value to them on a consistent basis until it spits out one of your calls to action which could be a product, a service, a community etc.
  • You must have a funnel from day one or you’ll be wasting a lot of potential energy because you don’t offer a clear path for your avatar to go on.
  • When you first start out, you’re not going to know what product, service or community you should be creating for your avatar. You need to get that content out there and then start interacting with your audience and make the ask – What Are They Struggling With?
  • You have to do things that don’t scale. Jump on that one-on-one call with that one person that wrote you an email. Because then you get to mine, listen and grow your knowledge.
  • Tips on preserving a winning mindset when staring failure in the face:
    • Cut out all the junk out there. Focus. Follow one course to success. (Recommended reading: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson)
    • Setting and accomplishing goals every single day.
    • Productivity. Don’t be productive on the wrong thing.

Look out for John’s upcoming book called “How To Finally Win. Create your dream life one step at a time.” Check out the prologue, chapter 1 and part of chapter 2 for free at howtofinallywin.com.

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About John

John Lee DumasJohn Lee Dumas is the founder and host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast where he interviews today’s most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. In four years, JLD has grown EOFire into a multi-million dollar a year business with over 1700 interviews and 1.5 million monthly listens. JLD is the author of The Freedom Journal: Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days, which became the 6th most funded publishing campaign of all time on Kickstarter and has over 16,000 sales to date. His latest project is The Mastery Journal: Master productivity, discipline, and focus in 100 days! Born in Maine, educated at Providence College, US Army Officer, Law school dropout and Corporate America failure would best describe JLD’s first 32 years, before launching EOFire in 2012 with the goal of inspiring millions.