How To Use Social Platforms to Grow Your Business and Attract New Investors

Social media has taken over many of our lives. TikTok, anyone? But instead of looking at the various social media platforms as time wasters, think about social media trends in real estate investor marketing to grow your business and attract more clients!

Several tools at your fingertips can help you gain a following, which often translates to prospects and customers. But it would be best to consider this process a marathon, not a sprint.

Be Consistent

It’s hard to be consistent in most things in life, but social media is one where you must condition your audience to look for your content. Set a schedule you can maintain, which may or may not be daily. Could you manage three days a week or two days?

Once you commit to delivering enjoyable, engaging content, stick with it, and the algorithms will bring your target audience to you. Still, it would be best if you had something for them to see…consistently.

Be Authentic

social media marketing

Although you may be inspired to start using your social media platforms to boost business, you also need to consider how to add the most authentic parts of yourself and your personality to your content.

Your audience wants to connect with you and see that you are good at what you do and that they can relate to you. Think of mixing in a few personal milestones onto your business page (birthdays, anniversaries, wellness accomplishments, etc.)

This is another way to build credibility in your field. Post your genuine interactions with clients and how you approach challenges you may face daily.  

Engageshort-form video content

Your goal in posting should not only be to build an audience but to build a community.  Just because you have several followers doesn’t always translate into supporters or potential customers. However, the more you engage with your audience, the more likely they will support your endeavors or reach out to you when they are ready to invest.

Video Content

social media trends in real estate investor marketing

All social media platforms now feature short-form video content uploads, as videos have grown in popularity over the years. Video is also a great tool to speak directly to your audience and show them unique investment properties or some of your processes in closing a deal.

Your videos do not have to be shot professionally; your cell phone will work fine. You don’t even need to worry about being perfectly presented. Instead, be your most genuine self, and your personality will translate to those watching who will most likely invest with you in the future.

Videos are also a great way to showcase client testimonials and reviews. Start your YouTube channel so all your video content can be found easily in one place.

Automated Social Media Marketing

You should also integrate your videos into your automated email marketing campaigns for your prospects and clients. Then, when you share new content, they will receive notifications on their phones, informing prospects and clients that they need to follow your social media for consistent, helpful content.

Once you’ve developed your plan to share regular content on social media, we can help you create the best way to integrate your social media platforms into your automated marketing. 

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