Keep in mind that the success of your landing page comes down to 3 key factors — copy, call-to-action (CTA) placements, and images/video content.

The reality is that many real estate landing pages fail to convert well. Some of the main reasons include the lack of attention to detail, misunderstanding the demographic, not including high-quality videos and images. But mostly it comes down to poorly written copy. 

We want to ensure your landing page is generating leads and conversions for your real estate business. I’m going to give you some recommendations on how to improve and optimize your landing page’s copy.


Optimize Your Landing Page Intro Copy

The first line of text on your page is the most important. You need to make sure you capture the reader’s attention. 

Your copy needs to be concise. There is room to be conversational with your copywriting. However, you should prioritize getting your message across quickly. 

In the content of real estate marketing, here are some examples of attention-grabbing opening lines:

  • “Why are you missing all of the best real estate investment opportunities?”
  • “Beat inflation. Build Wealth. Maximize your ROI. Do all 3 with a proven real estate investment plan (with live guidance from expert investors).”
  • “Why are you wasting so much time with your current real estate strategy?”

The idea is to get your audience thinking. Asking a question is the perfect way to hook your readers into reading more. But you can also lay down a bold statement (like example 2) that entices readers to learn more.


Continue Being Concise, But Be More In-Depth

Next, you want to review the rest of the copy on your page. The copy you include above the fold (before readers scroll down the page) needs to be snappy, direct, and lead your call-to-action. 

The copy below the fold can be a little more relaxed. In-depth. Use it to build more of a rapport with your readers. 

Typically, your prospects read below the fold to get an in-depth insight into you, your company, or your real estate offering. Use the space below the fold to get your entire message across. Give information about yourself and your company’s background in real estate. Be personable. 

Use the space to help give readers more of a reason to work with you that goes beyond your advertised offering. 


Create a Logical Lead to the CTA

Finally, you need to create a logical lead to the call-to-action (CTA) button — the copy that leads to the CTA needs to provide a logical reason why the reader would click on the CTA and proceed to the next part of your funnel. 

Not creating a logical flow that leads to the CTA is a big mistake I see often, and even big businesses with huge budgets seem to miss this trick. 

Essentially, if you’re not creating a logical lead you’re creating a dead-end, and while some readers will click through, many will subconsciously avoid clicking because you haven’t given them a good enough reason. 

Here are some examples of creating a logical flow to the CTA:


Experiment with Call-to-Action Copy & Placement

Call-to-action copy needs to link up with the sentence that leads to your CTA button. However, you may have general CTA buttons that simply fit with the general theme of your landing page. 

Either way, the copy included in your CTA buttons or links needs to be clear — make sure the person clicking knows what they’re going to get when they click. 

See the examples above. A classic trick to improve your click-thru rates is to word the CTA button copy in the first person point of view, which can help put the reader in the mindset of clicking through to the next stage of your funnel. 

My recommendation would be to experiment with a mix of the first and second person and see which works best for your target audience. 


Learn More About Effective Real Estate Marketing

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Written by Lewis James