Haven’t we all heard that simple is better? With 2022 officially underway, people are scouring the internet for the next big thing in marketing. They want to know what new trends to look out for in the coming year and how to get a jump on them.

However, what if the newest and best marketing trend in 2022 isn’t new at all?


Marketing Made Simple

To this day, the main component of business continues to hold true. It’s about customer service.

The ways you have serviced your customers over the years have changed and evolved, but the core value is still the same. Your job is to provide the customer with the best service possible.

That will always be the goal of your business.

So, how does that translate into what you do today?


Identify Your Audience

The jumping-off point for virtually all marketing campaigns is identifying your audience. I’m sure you’re very clear about who you want to target for your business, but are you sure about who buys what you sell?

It sounds like these people are one and the same, and ideally, they are. However, many businesses fail because they’re going after the wrong customers.

Instead of choosing the customers that you want to serve, look at who your current customers are. What is the average age of your clients? What is their individual or their business’s income? Where are they located?

Create a profile of the customers you already have and figure out what features connect them.


Perfect the Offer

Once you know who is already buying from you, you can then determine what would be valuable to them. Is free shipping ideal? Are these shoppers that need a free trial before they buy?

Perfect your offer for your target audience. Perfecting your offer is much more successful than your other sales funnels because of your work in identifying your audience.

With this method, the goal is not to get the most traffic possible into your sales funnel. The goal is to get the “hottest” traffic possible into your sales funnel.

You’re looking for people who need your product and are ready to buy now.


Crush the Fulfillment

Once that purchase is made, you need to crush the fulfillment. You’ve found the hot client; now you need to keep them.

Crushing the fulfillment means you’re not just looking to wow this new client. You’re looking to make this person so excited about your business and your service that they share their excitement with people just like them.

You want your customer service and product to hit it out of the park with every client.


Perfect the Sales Funnel

You already have a sales funnel to pull these clients into your business. Now you need to perfect it. What can you do to make the customer experience even better? Are you targeting the exact right audience, or is there something you’re missing? What would make your offer even better?

Perfect your sales funnel. Make your sales funnel your primary focus until it can run smoothly and pull “hot” clients in organically.

Only when your sales funnel is perfected can you start to work on new ideas and budget money for other areas of marketing.



It is easy to think that you need the next new thing or the next big thing to improve sales and marketing for your business, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes it is just about doing the simple things as close to perfect as possible.

Nail down your audience. Find the perfect offer to pull them into your sales funnel. Crush the fulfillment and then grow from there.


Written by Erika Towne