Google likes websites that post content regularly. By default, that’s why news outlets are loved by Google’s algorithm. They consistently post informative content that is typically in high demand. It’s recently been noted by many marketers that utilizing the Google News feature might be a great practice for improving SEO rankings.

I’ve noticed that creating that content is a new strategy. It’s used by many of my clients in an attempt to boost search engine rankings. Not necessarily to build a reputation as a go-to news outlet.

So, should you start creating news stories? In this article, I’ll explain what Google News is. Then discuss the benefits of publishing this content.


What is Google News?

It’s a news aggregator developed and released by google nearly 20 years ago. It has become one of the top go-to sources for news. Users are able to curate a personalized feed. Featuring topics they’re most interested in. Google will display links to website pages of all kinds in its search results. However, Google News publishes content exclusively from news vendors. Think the Washington Post, New York Times, or FT. 

With the number of users logging into it daily, it can become a great source of traffic. Many websites focus their time and attention on creating quality content. Another benefit is that it can help make your site seem more authoritative

However, before publishing content to Google News, your site will need to be verified as a legitimate news source by Google. There are several steps to take when applying for verification. These are best explained in this article by Alexa.


What are the benefits?

There are several benefits of creating this content for your website.


More website traffic

For one, publishing news content regularly can gain more traffic to your site. 

News articles may seem to have fleeting successes. But if your website’s user experience is optimized correctly. Then you post almost daily. You can lead news article readers to other areas of your website. 


Improving SEO rankings

Posting regular news content can have a positive impact on search engine rankings. Same as posting regular blogs.

This is especially the case when you’re publishing content on trending topics that gain a high search volume — it shows you’re an expert that’s on the pulse and ready to deliver content to readers on the most important current events.


Building a community 

If you focus on posting news within a specific niche that is relevant to your business, say marketing or technology, you’ll be able to start building a community of readers who perceive you as an authority within that particular niche. 

You’ll then be able to interact with your community regularly to ensure the quality of your articles, and to create a space for readers to freely discuss trending news topics.


Becoming an authority figure & gaining trust

When your website or brand is perceived and an authority figure, you’ll more easily gain the trust of new readers and build a great rapport with your existing fanbase. 

When trust is built, it’s better for your website and your business — any other topics you cover, or products and services you provide will be much more well-received. Thus, building trust with readers is good for business.


Is publishing this content worth it?

In my view, if it makes sense for the type of business you’re in, and that there are plenty of hot topics to write about, I think publishing news content is definitely worth trying.

The great thing about this content is that it doesn’t have to be super in-depth, as can be the case with blog articles. Short and to-the-point info that provides clear insights into current trends is what most readers want nowadays, meaning you don’t have to go overboard with your company’s time or resources.

So, are you now considering publishing news on your website as part of your marketing strategy? If so, I’d love to hear what niche you’ll try targeting and the results you gain from creating this content. 

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Written by Lewis James