Content creation can be an arduous task and so anything you can do to streamline the process is appreciated. Sometimes, it’s not about finding something new but repurposing something old. 

Below are some great ways to make that old content useful again. 


Create an eBook

If you’ve created enough blog posts over the years on the same topic, you may want to pull them all together to create an eBook. Not only does this make eBook creation a thousand times easier—after all, you already have a majority of the content—but it also gives you an idea of how the eBook will perform in the market. If the blog post was high-performing, it is more likely that the eBook will have success as well.


Host a Webinar

Maybe you don’t have enough for an eBook, but what about a webinar? Do you have something that you could share in an hour-long webinar? My guess is, yes. 

Just like with an eBook, a webinar would be pretty easy to pull together since you’ve already written most of the content. 


Create Educational Content

If you have enough content to create a webinar or eBook, you may also have enough content to create an educational course. This is a subject that you have studied intensely over the years and have worked hard to keep current on. Odds are, you also have the knowledge to teach other people about the subject. After all, that’s why you started writing the blog in the first place, right?


Create Articles

In most industries, processes and procedures change frequently. Ideas evolve and adapt to the world. When this happens, a blog post that you wrote previously can suddenly become timely again. Use this to your advantage. Take that old blog post, rewrite it, and then send it out. Try to use that previous blog post as the basis for a guest post on a well-trafficked site. 


Create a YouTube Video

Take what you wrote and create a short YouTube video. Not only have you found a new use for old content, but you’ve also found a way to access a different audience. Some people turn to a blog for their information; others turn to YouTube or podcasts.


Create a Podcast

Speaking of podcasts, you can also use a previous blog post as a topic for a podcast episode. Not only does this allow you to reuse old content, but it also gives you an excuse to reevaluate your content to make sure that it is still relevant. If you don’t already have a podcast, check out this post on all the reasons you should!


Make it Visual

Not everyone learns the same. So, the content that you create as a blog post may not reach your entire audience. If it’s possible, turn what you’re talking about into an infographic. Sometimes, people learn better when they can see what you’re talking about instead of reading about it. 


Email Newsletter or Email Series

I took this one from a site called Blogging Wizard, but I really liked it. Take those old blog posts, pick out the best content and then use it as quick tips in a weekly email blast to your email list. Not only are you giving people important information, but you’re also giving old content new life.



Take advantage of any opportunity that you have to stretch your work a little farther. Obviously, you put a lot of thought and hard work into your blog posts. You want them to go as far as possible when it comes to content.


Written by Erika Towne