Social media can be complicated to use, under regular circumstances. But currently, businesses across the U.S. are facing an uncertain future. With cities and states across the country following “stay-at-home” orders and operating in a system of social distancing, it can be difficult for small businesses to navigate the uncharted waters of these times.

While it might seem like an inappropriate time, it is possible to turn to social media to help build your business without feeling like you’re making light of or trying to capitalize on an unfortunate situation.

With that in mind, here are how some businesses have figured out how to walk that fine line. Hopefully, it will help get your creative juices flowing.



With competition like Amazon Prime, Hulu and newcomer Disney+, the streaming market is getting very crowded. So, Netflix has upped its social media game to offer streaming suggestions to keep fans interested.

Recently the streaming service posted on Instagram, asking people to reply with an emoji. Each emoji received a streaming suggestion from Netflix. Customer interaction at its finest.



Starbucks used this Instagram post to show it’s part of the team. The coffee giant posted this a few days ago. A humble brag of sorts. Yes, we’re still open in some locations. In others, we’re doing our best to make sure our employees are taken care of.



In one fell post, Nike is making sure the world knows it is part of the team.



To show that the company is staying at home with the rest of the world, it’s most recent Instagram posts are all from models hanging out indoors, alone.


The Honest Company

The Honest Company understands its brand and its audience, which is why this post makes so much sense. These are all moms and dads cooped up at home with their kids, trying to keep them busy. So why not ask for a favorite book to snuggle up with and read?



Brit+Co gets that its followers suddenly have a lot of time on their hands, so it’s offering up a way to fill that free time free of charge.



Saturday Night Live (SNL)

Saturday Night Live gets that everyone could use a little more laughter these days, so the show is now offering up one classic clip a day on Instagram. Instagrammers get to vote on their favorite and then the social media team will pick one to post.



With literally no sports going on in the world at this time, you would think SportsCenter would have run out of things to post about. Luckily, it has tons of clips to look back on as well as some sports highlights that don’t get a lot of attention when all the professional games are going on.


Social Distancing Did Not Stop Social Media

All of these brands understand that times are tough, but they’re not departing from their brand, they’re simply shaping it around the situation. Think about what your company represents and stands for. Show that you are part of the team and the community.

Just because bad things are happening in the world, it does not mean that you have to step back and let the world happen around you. This is your chance to show that you’re here and you care. 

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Written by Erika Towne