If you’re anything like us, you feel like technological advances over the past decade have been faster than the speed of light.  A meeting can now be an email, a fax is now a text, and a phone call can now be a virtual meeting.

The pandemic caused many of us to utilize virtual meeting spaces like Zoom, Google Meet, etc., in ways that we probably had never imagined doing before. Even now that we’re connecting in person again, online is still faster and more convenient than ever.

Let’s consider why you should connect with your potential clients with Zoom instead of setting up a phone call.

Face-to-Face Communications

Without taking the time and expense of travel, meeting virtually via Zoom allows all important face-to-face communication with potential clients. By seeing your face, participants can see your authenticity and humor will help your leads make that all-important connection that leads to higher conversion rates.

By utilizing Zoom, your message will be better understood, making the conversation more natural than a traditional phone call, as body language is a big part of effective communication.

Presentations and Document Share

connecting with potential clients

Connecting with potential clients in the virtual meeting space vs. a phone call allows you to share your marketing documents and other helpful information in real-time. In addition, meeting participants can see graphics and save and download them immediately to their own devices for further review. Saving travel time and increasing overall efficiency will be appreciated by everyone involved.

Builds Trust 

Video conferencing is also great for building rapport and relationships with potential clients. Of course, phone calls will always be helpful for a quick chat to relay important information; however, a Zoom call lends itself to building and maintaining connections without the added time and travel.

There are many ways to connect with potential clients, and video conferencing with Zoom is at the top of the list. We would love to chat about more ways to engage with your leads and potential clients. Schedule a 20-minute call with us today to learn more.