The idea of digital marketing is not new. In fact, it’s something that’s been around for years. But digital marketing for real estate investors is especially important because your potential client base is everywhere.

That’s why digital marketing is so important. Your clients may live in other countries and time zones. Digital marketing is the cheapest and most efficient way to reach them.


What Digital Marketing Means

Digital marketing is how you market your services and business in the digital world.

There are active forms of marketing, such as pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, social media ads, email, and text messaging.

There are also passive forms of digital marketing, including your website, its content, and your social media channels.

Combined together, these make up your digital marketing strategy.


What are the Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing appears in many different forms.



First and foremost, your website. Your website is often one of your first contact points with a client or potential client. In this regard, your website represents you and your business. This is how you want people to see you.

What does the first page of your website look like? What information are you providing on subsequent pages?

While the website may seem like a formality, think of this as your business card to the world. It is a representation of you. You need to make sure it looks right and operates efficiently. For ways to optimize your real estate landing page, check out this previous post here.

You also want to ensure your site is easy to navigate on any mobile device. More and more people are using mobile as their primary way to access the internet. Don’t miss out on business just because your site is not mobile-friendly. If you want more details on what you should look at, check out this previous post here.


Organic Marketing

Your website serves a second purpose as well. It is your most potent organic marketing tool. Organic marketing is how people find you and your business through search engines.

Search engines scroll through the internet looking for information from websites that will help answer a person’s search query. These algorithms look for keywords and phrases throughout the internet. Your job is to ensure your site includes what the search algorithms are looking for, especially in the realm of real estate investing.

That’s what’s called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The more keywords and keyword topics your website includes, the more likely your site will show up on the first page of a search query. Showing up on the first page is vital because someone is more likely to click on that link and go to your website.

This is how a site generates organic traffic, one of the best forms of marketing for your business. Organic traffic is free. You’re not paying for those impressions and clicks. Your SEO is doing the work for you, and you’re reaping the rewards.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Speaking of paid for advertising, pay-per-click advertising is a way you guarantee that you end up at the top of those search engine queries.

Think back to the last time you did a Google search. At the top of your search results, there were likely three or four items with little “ad” markers next to them. Those are paid advertisements. Businesses paid money to be at the top of search queries that included specified keywords.

PPC advertising is an efficient way to make impressions on potential customers, but it can also be costly. You need to pay for those impressions and clicks. It may cost pennies each time, but those pennies add up quickly.

Again, that’s why organic marketing is much better in the long run. You can end up at the top of a search results page without paying a dime for advertising.


Email Marketing/SMS Marketing

Email marketing and SMS marketing (also known as text message marketing) are direct connections with clients and potential clients.

You segment your lists of emails or phone numbers into groups with specific characteristics, such as people living in the same state or having the same occupation field. Then you send those groups emails or text messages that cater to those specific characteristics.

These are connections with warm leads – people who have already gone through a connection point with you and want to stay in touch through email or text message. Make sure that you continue to offer value to these warm leads with exclusive content, information, or basic advice.

Every positive impression you make with a person through email and SMS marketing puts you one step closer to making that eventual sale.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another way to stay in contact with warm leads and offer value.

Through your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others, you can share your personal insights into things like the current state of the real estate market, the best untapped markets, and more.

You are sharing your knowledge, which in turn, makes you an expert in the eyes of potential clients.

Social media is an excellent tool for real estate because it’s a very visual medium. Now, you don’t just tell clients about your latest investment or opportunity; you can show them. Utilize those professional photos of your latest property or the video and share them with everyone.

The more eyes you get on your business, the better opportunity you have to increase your sales and client base in the future.


Best Digital Marketing of Real Estate

While all aspects of a digital marketing campaign are important, it can become overwhelming to try and do them all at once.

In the realm of digital marketing for real estate, start with the website first. This will build the foundation for your marketing strategy. Once the website is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly, you can start to build on that base. Create SEO-friendly content that will begin to drive organic traffic to your website.

You start this next because the content builds on itself. If you post once a week, you’ll have four posts in a month and 52 posts in a year. Now, you have 52 different ways to appear in a person’s search query.

As you’re creating that content, you can branch out from there. Share it with your email and text message groups. That will bring more traffic to your website.

Also, share it on your social media channels. This is how you spread the word to your current fans, who will, hopefully, share this with their friends and family so that they become fans as well.

You can sprinkle PPC advertising and social media advertising into the mix as you go along. Still, the best digital marketing you can do for your real estate business is to build up SEO-friendly content and then share it on your website and social media.

Remember, that’s organic marketing. It’s free advertising, and you can’t beat free marketing for real estate or any any industry, where you want to get as many eyes on your product as possible.


Written by Erika Towne