You’re missing out on big opportunities if you’re not investing more into your social media marketing strategy. I don’t recommend spamming your social media channels with information about your real estate business. However, I do believe that regularly posting optimized, value-focused content for each social media platform can pay off massively.  This is especially true if you remain consistent.

So what are some of the ways you can build your real estate social media strategy and ultimately land more clients and sales?

In this article, I’m going to give you ideas on building a social media strategy for your real estate business. I’ll also break down ways you can optimize your content for each of the top social media platforms currently. 


Social Media Strategy Ideas For Real Estate Marketers

Building a Community

Building a community via social media is one of the most powerful ways to increase your business’s success.

You can do this in a variety of ways. There are Facebook Groups, Subreddits, YouTube live streams (more on this later). Additionally, interacting with other communities that are related to your niche. 

Having an active community significantly boosts organic engagement. This can become a long-lasting arm of your marketing strategy. Your community can act as a platform for your members to give valuable feedback to you. This can help you to improve your marketing and business overall.

I recommend authentically engaging with your community and encouraging discussions. It builds a sense of belonging among your members. It also shows that they’re appreciated and bring value to your business.


Authentic Engagement

Authentically engaging with followers, community members, and other businesses in your niche is a great way to start building meaningful connections.

Oftentimes you’ll see companies that leave meaningless comments underneath a user’s social media post. They use it as a way to try and gain direct exposure. This tactic doesn’t work. Nowadays, you need to show you actually care. That you want to engage for the purpose of showing appreciation. Not because you want clicks to your page.


Real Estate Videos

Simply put, you need great videos of each property. 

Hiring a good videographer is one of the best decisions you can make. However, you can also make your own real estate videos if you’re on a budget. Nowadays, all you need is a good smartphone camera and some editing software to make a decent video.

Real estate videos can be simple yet effective. Clean video shots. Filmed with correct lighting and edited together with a well-thought flow. Avoid shaky footage or unedited walk-through videos. These take too long.

It’s worth noting that the videos you create should be optimized for different social media platforms. Remember, what works on YouTube probably won’t work on TikTok. 


Live Streaming

Hosting live streams can be a great way to further build your community. But it also gives the chance for potential clients to engage with you and get to learn more about what you can offer. 

Live streams will also enable you to place a call-to-action. CTAs such as booking a call with you or a property viewing. 

There are a few different approaches you could try. First, a live stream from a newly listed property for which you want to create more interest. Another option is a live stream host from your office where you answer any incoming questions.



Collaborate with other businesses or individuals in the same industry. By creating collaborative content, both parties can leverage their audiences and boost overall exposure. 

You can collaborate on almost all types of content, from still-image Instagram posts, to live streams, podcasts, Reddit Q&A sessions, YouTube videos, and more.

You could also collaborate by working with brands to host competitions/giveaways for your audience. For example, you could collaborate with a homeware company, where you host a giveaway that includes furniture and other homeware products. This strategy will drive more engagement for your social media pages but also increase exposure for the homeware company — it’s a win-win scenario.


Optimizing Real Estate Content for Different Social Media Platforms

Optimizing content for each platform includes ensuring the dimensions of the image or video meet each platform’s requirements, and making sure the themes and delivery of your content are in line with each platform’s culture.


Facebook Content

Facebook is great for community building, especially when you’re trying to grow your Facebook group. Creating a simple image or text post that asks your audience questions on trending topics is a good way to interact with your audience.

However, Facebook is also a good platform for live streaming, so consider hosting live streams within your Facebook group to better connect with your audience.


Twitter Content

Formulate your content into Twitter threads, as well as polls and community engagement question posts.

Twitter threads are an excellent way of delivering educational content to your audience. You can give insights into many aspects of your business or take deeper dives into frequently asked questions about real estate. 

For example, you could write an informative Twitter thread on how to properly finance a real estate deal, including details on how to get the best rates and calculations that need to be made before any financing deals are finalized.

Twitter polls are also a great way to engage with your followers. You can use polls that enable followers to give their feedback on your content. Polls can also help give you a keen insight into the current market sentiment.


Instagram Content

Instagram is changing its platform to encourage more video content creation. There are also signs of Instagram’s algorithm pushing more video content. So when posting to Instagram, look for ideas on the kinds of video content that work on Instagram. 

Quick videos that show your audience around the properties you’re trying to sell could be one option that works for your page.

Warning: It’s not a good idea to post the exact same videos on Instagram and TikTok. Create original content for each platform.

You can also use carousel posts similar to how you use Twitter threads. Carousel posts allow you to upload 10 images in one post, which users can swipe through. I recommend following a similar formula as creating Twitter threads — putting bitesize content in each image you upload, and ensuring your entire carousel follows a logical flow.


YouTube Content

YouTube content can be more long-form. In fact, YouTube’s algorithm currently favors longer, more informative content, over short video snippets that you’d likely find on Facebook or Twitter.

YouTube content ideas could include advice on how to find the best real estate deals, how to finance said deals, the pain points of real estate investors, easy ways for homeowners to prepare their house before trying to sell it, and more. 

You can also upload the video version of your podcast to YouTube, and even host live podcasts.


TikTok Content

For most TikTok accounts, you need a mascot/ambassador that shows their face in each video. This could be your face or a social media content creator that you have hired, but it pays to have someone that becomes the face of your business via TikTok.

TikTok videos are notoriously more organic — squeaky-clean, polished content doesn’t necessarily do that well. You need to give real insights and behind-the-scenes content that doesn’t feel forced or too organized. 

There is also plenty of demand for educational content on TikTok, so don’t be shy to give your top tips on real estate-related topics. Keep in mind that the audience on TikTok will likely be a lot younger vs. other social media platforms, so you can angle your content differently to appease younger audiences. For example, you could give educational content that guides followers on how to buy their first home or start investing in real estate. 

That said, you can still deliver TikTok content with anyone’s face or voice, as long as it’s engaging and has a wow factor. For example, videos that show before and after real estate renovations are a huge hit.


How Do You Plan to Grow Your Social Media

I’d love to know how you plan on growing your real estate business’s social media channels. 

As long as you optimize content for each platform, aim to grow your community, and remain consistent, your social media channels should thrive!

If you have any other social media strategy ideas that have worked for your real estate business, share them in the comment section below.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your online marketing strategy, check out the latest posts on our marketing blog or schedule a call with the founder and CEO of Intentionally Inspirational to discover how you can grow your real estate business with digital marketing.


Written by Lewis James