2022 comes with plenty of marketing goals and if it’s not on your list, improving your email click through rate should be.

When you figure out how to increase the click through rate of your business, you’re not just increasing the number of interactions with your company, but you’re likely growing sales and growing a loyal customer base.

Through email marketing, you can establish a strong base of customers that helps your business thrive for years to come.


What is Click Through Rate (CTR)?

The click through rate is a simple calculation that you can do to determine how many people are interacting with the emails that you send. It is often abbreviated in marketing circles as CTR.

Campaign Monitor breaks down how to calculate the click through rate by saying that the click through rate is the number of people who click on a hyperlink, image, or other links within an email divided by the total number of delivered messages.

In this instance, the total number of delivered messages is the number of emails sent minus the emails that bounce back due to an invalid email address or something else.


Click to Open Rate (CTOR)

Note that the CTR is different from the click to open rate (CTOR).

The click to open rate compares the unique clicks to unique opens. CTOR is used to measure your email’s overall design, content, and message. Did it look good enough, or was it interesting enough for someone to click a link within the email?

CTOR measures the number of people who opened your email against the number of people who clicked on a link within that email.


What is a Good Click Through Rate for Email Marketing?

Mail Chimp has a great article breaking down the numbers on open rates for email marketing, click through rates for email marketing, and more. It’s a good read if you have the time. You can find the article here.

Mail Chimp explains that click through rates very much depends on the industry. For example, emails about hobbies have the highest click through rate with just over 5%.

The average click through rate over all industries is 2.62%.


How to Increase Email Click Through Rate

Whether you’re already achieving that 2.62% click through rate or you’re looking to get closer to that goal, there are steps you can take to improve your CTR.


The Art of the Email Subject Line

The first thing a person will see when receiving your email is the subject line. That line is essential for step one in the click through rate, actually getting people to open the email.

Think of the subject line as a teaser. You want to write something that makes the reader curious or makes him feel like he’ll be missing out if he deletes the email.

Another idea, ask a question. Even if you don’t say it, you’re promising to answer that question inside your email.

Most of all, keep the subject line short. Remember, this is something that people are reading in their email apps and on their mobile devices.

Marketo suggests your subject line be no more than 41 characters or about 7 words.


Utilize the Preview Text

If you have the ability, make sure the preview text is doing the heavy lifting for you.

The preview text is the little piece of the message that the reader sees even before opening the email.

Optin Monster suggests using that preview text to include a second subject line, summarize the email, and of course, include a call to action.

A boring preview text could prevent people from opening the email in the first place.


Mobile Friendly

I’ve talked about this before regarding websites, but you want your emails to be mobile friendly as well.

Mobile friendly, in this instance, means that it’s easy to read on a smartphone or tablet. It means that the links are easy to identify and click.

Most of all, it means that there aren’t large blocks of text. You’re using short paragraphs and breaking things up with images, headings, and subheadings.

You want your emails to be easy to read, no matter what device a person uses.


Use Images

They say a picture says a thousand words. In this case, it’s true. Images won’t just break up your text; they will also make your email more interesting to read.

Use images to tell your story. It will keep the reader hooked. The longer the reader is hooked, the more likely they will click on a link.


Limit Your Calls to Action (CTAs)

It would be very easy to think that the more Calls to Action (CTAs) your email contains, the more likely you will get someone to click.

That’s untrue.

According to the site SuperOffice, fewer CTAs are better.

That’s because people don’t like to weigh too many options when deciding. Deciding between “Link A” and “Link B” is much easier than being asked to choose between Links A through H.


Place Calls to Action on the Right

The location of the call to action is something marketer Neil Patel focuses on. Patel says placing a CTA on the right-hand side of the screen is more likely to receive a click than placing a CTA on the left-hand side of the screen.

Patel explains that this is likely because we read from left to right. So, we’ll read the information first and then decide if we want to click.

When a CTA is on the left-hand side of the screen, it feels awkward and inconvenient to move back to the left-hand side simply to click a link.


Personalized Marketing

One of my five keys to email marketing in 2021 was hyper-personalization. That hasn’t changed in 2022.

People like to know that you see them. They want to feel like an individual rather than an order number or a customer number.

Personalized marketing lets the person know that they are considered a person in your eyes.



Keep it Simple Silly.

Most of all, do not overcomplicate your emails.

Simple is better. That’s a mantra that will be essential to all marketing campaigns in 2022, and it applies here.

Simple emails make it easier for readers to identify the call to action and take action.



Email marketing will still be an essential part of your marketing in 2022, so you better nail it.

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Written by Erika Towne