With the ever-evolving social media landscape, it is sometimes hard to determine where Twitch falls into the mix. It’s not a social media platform in the conventional sense, but it is a platform where people interact with one another.

The thing about Twitch is, it’s where younger generations like Millennials and, to a larger extent, Generation Z congregate, which means it may be the ideal place for your business.


How popular is Twitch?

By no means is Twitch a new platform, but it exploded in popularity during the pandemic. At the start of 2020, there were just 3.9 million active streamers on Twitch. By the end of January 2020, there were 9.9 million (Source: Input Mag).

While Statista reports the number has dropped, it’s still well over the 8 million streamers per month mark. Twitch Tracker, which monitors real-time Twitch users, says that the site averages approximately 2.6 million viewers per day.

In other words, there’s a vast audience out there that you could potentially reach.


How do I advertise on Twitch?

There are a couple of ways to advertise on Twitch.


Running an Ad on Twitch

The first is through a form of traditional advertising. This can happen in several ways, such as banner advertising or commercials that run during a Twitch live stream.

This method works if you have a large advertising budget or a broad customer range.

Twitch isn’t a mom-and-pop shop. Amazon owns it, so advertising will not be cheap.


Sponsoring a Twitch Streamer

A much cheaper way to advertise on Twitch is to sponsor or collaborate with a Twitch Streamer. That’s when you pay the streamer to mention your business or product.

If you choose to sponsor a Twitch streamer, direct advertising is not the most effective way to go. Instead, try something a little more interactive. You want to collaborate with the streamer, not just have him, or her read advertising copy during a stream.


Choosing a Collaboration to Fit the Audience

Most marketers agree that Millennials and Generation Z don’t want to be sold something outright. A 30-second advertisement doesn’t hit home as well as a personal endorsement or the ability to see something for themselves.

You have to get creative.


Use the Product on Air

One of the easiest ways to creatively work your product into a Twitch stream is to have the streamer use the product. Video game companies like Electronic Arts have found great success with this method. The company has worked with some of the top streamers and had those streamers play video games like Apex: Legends live.

Other streamers have collaborated with companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats and ordered a meal mid-stream. A process like this is worked seamlessly into the stream to not seem like an advertisement.


Product Placement

If the streamer cannot use the product live on air, you can simply have your logo appear during the stream. For example, what shows up behind a streamer is sometimes just as exciting as what the streamer is doing.

People notice the products, toys, etc., that the streamer owns.



People love free stuff, and they love the streamers that give out that free stuff. Another way to collaborate with a Twitch streamer is to offer the streamer’s audience something for free.


Unboxing or Reviews

These two can be separate, but they’re very similar. In an unboxing or review, the streamer has the opportunity to share your product with their audience and then talk about it.

The streamer can talk about what they like or do not like and highlight some features of the product.


How do I choose a Twitch streamer to work with?

While Twitch might be a different social media platform than you’re used to working with, there are some similarities between choosing a Twitch streamer and choosing any other social media influencer.

You want to be sure that you choose someone who aligns with your ideals and audience. Some streamers cuss in their streams, while others try to keep it PG. Some streamers show more skin than others.

When choosing a Twitch streamer, choose wisely. If you need more guidance, check out this previous post or this one here. Both posts cover what you need to know before you hire an influencer.



Hiring a social media influencer can be extremely impactful on your business. You’re taking someone that has already built trust with their audience and getting them to endorse your product. That’s a big deal.

What’s more, that person can also help increase engagement with your social media accounts and grow your brand.

Is that really something you can afford to miss out on?


Written by Erika Towne