There are many things you can try to significantly boost your overall productivity. But some of the ideas that I’m about to give you might not be what you’re expecting. First off, I want to make it clear that if you’re currently in a state of feeling unproductive. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s totally normal. All entrepreneurs go through stages where they lack energy, focus, and motivation in one way or another. But at some point, you want to snap out of it. Then get back to being your usual productive self. So here’s what you need to try. 

In this article, I’m going to cover 5 productivity hacks that have definitely worked wonders for me, and could also work for you.


Things to Help You Be More Productive


#1 Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Yep, not what you were expecting? Vitamin B1 might seem like an odd suggestion but hang with me for a second. 

Studies have shown how B1 levels in humans are linked to cognitive function, with lower levels being linked to poorer cognitive function. This suggests that B1 is essential for improving cognitive function. 

Thiamine is known to help massively with stress and anxiety-related symptoms, and also improve overall mental clarity — essential for entrepreneurs who need to stay productive and focused.

All sounds great, but where do you get thiamine (B1)? While there are many synthetic B1 supplements available, it’s always best to get your B-vitamins from natural sources like nutritional yeast — which contains a complex of B-vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. 

While it’s important to eat healthily and get the right amount of all nutrients in your diet, you might just feel that extra bit more productive after taking in more vitamin B1 and B vitamins in general.


#2 Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs serve one major purpose. That is helping people adapt to stress. Entrepreneurs who are constantly on the go might be struggling to deal with all of the stresses in their day-to-day lives. 

This is where adaptogenic herbs come in. Adaptogenic herbs, like Ashwagandha, help to optimize the body’s adrenal glands which allow the body to adapt to stressful situations. 

As you may have experienced, being stressed out can lead to burnout and being very unproductive. So, trying adaptogenic herbs can help you to better cope with stress and therefore help you stay more productive. 

Personally, I notice a huge difference in my productivity after using adaptogenic herbs. But always check with your healthcare providers before deciding whether adaptogenic herbs will work for you.


#3 Website Blockers

Yes, to stay productive you need to limit the number of distractions you’re facing. If, like me, you do the majority of your work on your computer you need to try website blockers.

Simply put, website blockers stop you from accessing a wide range of websites that you don’t really need to access during the working day… *cough* Facebook *cough* YouTube *cough, cough*. 

Excuse my throat. 

But seriously, distractions like social media and news websites can seriously have an effect on your ability to get stuff done — and more importantly, to a good standard.

Apps like BlockSite and Freedom make staying focused and productive really easy. While BlockSite (as the name suggests) can block virtually any site you need it to, Freedom can also block apps on your desktop — ensuring there’s hardly any space for distractions. 


#4 Schedules & To-Do Lists

To-do lists are quite commonly talked about. You probably have a rough idea in your head, or a list of things scrawled onto a piece of paper, of what you need to do on any given working day. 

However, for a to-do list to actually be effective, you need to combine it with a schedule. Combining a to-do list with a schedule means you’re giving yourself a specific timeframe to complete each task. 

The reason why giving a timeframe to each task is important is so you hold yourself accountable for actually getting each task done. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a failure if you don’t get to complete all tasks on your to-do list, but it puts your time into perspective and gives you something to aim for — forcing you to maintain your productivity to ensure you’re not wasting any time. 


Keep Moving Forward (But Remember to Rest!)

It is very important to stay productive as an entrepreneur, but it can be difficult when you’re not feeling your best or you’re constantly distracted. 

While the quick tips in this article can definitely help, it’s important to realize when it’s time for you to take a break — sometimes doing nothing is arguably the best way to stay productive. 

Do you have any specific ways to keep yourself productive? If so, let us and everyone else know in the comment section below so we can all try them out! 

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 Written by Lewis James