Managing a team of employees can be difficult. However, if you have the right strategy in place, you can ensure that your team will always stay productive. One great way of boosting your team’s productivity is to employ a level of autonomy. Autonomy is allowing your staff to have more freedom when it comes to decision making regarding their sector. 

Taking care of your employees is essential for both the progression and growth of your business. It can also significantly increase the number of staff you’re able to retain. This means spending fewer resources on hiring and training. 

In this article, we’re going to cover why you should grant your employees more autonomy. Plus how it can benefit your business.


Why You Should Use Autonomy

Here’s a list of reasons why you should employ a level of autonomy in your business. 


#1 Autonomy Builds Trust

Building trust is crucial — not just your trust for your employees, but their faith in you as an employer.

Having a trusting professional relationship with every member of your team will help to solidify your employee’s respect for you and your business. This will lead to staff caring more about the work they produce and the company they work for. 

Autonomy will help to exercise and strengthen the trust between you and your team — you will be able to see if you can trust them to complete tasks without being monitored, and they’ll be able to assess whether they can trust you to continuously offer the freedom they deserve.


#2 Employees Feel Valued

When you grant employees more autonomy, they tend to feel more valued. 

The sense of responsibility and freedom associated with more independence will make your staff feel like you trust and appreciate their work — which ultimately leads to more confidence to carry out tasks, and thus improving overall productivity. 

#3 Reduces Manager Workload

Micromanaging everything can be extremely stressful. Although you want to ensure every part of your business is running smoothly, it’s important that you realize there’s only so much you can manage.

Reducing the amount of piecemeal scrutiny, that can occur in many workplaces, will lessen the pressure on your managers and supervisors — giving them more time to focus on the most critical tasks. 


#4 Increases Job Satisfaction

Studies have found that autonomy significantly improves employee job satisfaction — with subjects also reporting they’re less likely to leave or transfer to another workplace.

Job satisfaction will inevitably lead to a better working environment for all employees — vital if you care about employee retention.  Job satisfaction can also be tied with an increase in overall productivity.


Autonomy Improving Your Business 

There are many benefits relating to autonomy, including one of the most important aspects of any successful business — job satisfaction. 

Using autonomy can be daunting at first — especially if you’re used to micromanaging every aspect of your business. 

However, when employed correctly, autonomy will have a significantly positive impact. It will reduce both your workload and your management team’s workload, build trust between you and employees, and improve overall job satisfaction. 

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Written by Lewis James