Security is becoming a massive problem in this modern age. This is especially true with cybersecurity. Education on cybersecurity has been on the rise over the last decade. However, many people are still victims of cybercrime. In 2019, 10 billion records have been leaked due to data breaches and cyber-attacks. Over 500 million records being leaked in September alone.

If your personal information is stolen by online hackers it can be devastating. Especially if the criminals are trying to perform identity theft. When you’re running your own business, you must look at your company’s cybersecurity strategy to ensure all sensitive data is kept safe. 

In this article, we’re going to go through a few things you can do today. Following these guidelines will help ensure you and your business don’t fall victim to cybercrime.  


How To Improve Your Business’s Cyber Security:

No one wants to be a victim of cybercrime. Here are a few things you can do that reduce your risk significantly of being targeted by hackers.


#1 Install Antivirus Software

This is one of the simplest ways you can protect yourself from the dangers of cybercrime. Antivirus software is crucial for people, and businesses, looking to prevent cyber attacks. Most antivirus software brands offer various business plans. These plans help you ensure your entire company and your employees are covered in the event of an attempted data breach. 

There are lots of antivirus software options to choose from. Some of the most notable brands include Norton, Heimdal, Kaspersky, Mcafee, and BitDefender. Each brand will offer slightly different features. However, all of them will protect your systems. Each one uses the latest cybersecurity technology. This includes AI and machine learning to predict threats before they compromise your systems.

Nowadays, having some form of antivirus installed is common sense for most people. However, for some business owners, it’s often considered non-priority.  To ensure your business is secure and protect sensitive information you must install antivirus software. 


#2 Use A Password Manager

Password managers are a great way to log into online accounts and programs seamlessly. They also offer a great way to ensure that all of your passwords are strong and up-to-date.  There are many password managers available. All of them provide a wide range of features for businesses. Most include encrypted file storage vaults, which can be used to store any sensitive records safely.

Brands such as Dashlane and Keeper both provide a function that enables you to scan the entire dark web. You are able to check if your login details and passwords have been stolen and then sold by hackers. 

Many password managers can audit your business’s security. They analyze all of your company’s login details for various websites and programs. It gives you a complete picture of how secure your company is. Some password managers offer an automatic password changer. It gives you the ability to change multiple passwords in one click. It’s an awesome way to keep your passwords updated! 


#3 Training & Education

If you employ a team of staff, you seriously want to consider investing in some cybersecurity training courses. In the long run, enrolling your team on various security awareness courses will be worth the initial investment. There is no price on educating your staff to ensure your business is protected. 

If your employees know the best practices when it comes to cybersecurity, you can have peace of mind knowing your business’s sensitive information will be kept safe and secure.


Bottom Line

You can’t put a price on your business’s security. Luckily there are many different cybersecurity practices you can implement to prevent the occurrence of a cyber attack. Most businesses aren’t prepared for the event of a cybersecurity breach. This is why you must take steps to ensure your business’s sensitive data remains out of reach from cybercriminals.

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Written by Lewis James