In the past, I have tackled SEO tools for your website, ways to get more followers on Instagram, and even the new social media platform TikTok. Today, I tackle Twitter.

I am constantly looking at articles trying to figure out how I can find more followers for our website Intentionally Inspirational. Through my research, I’ve found that you need to attack the problem from a multitude of angles if you want to have any success. There is a blog, social media, and a clear and concise website. All of these things are needed for a successful marketing plan of attack.

However, those are not the only components you must master. I have also found one constant in all of my research… Google. Google’s search algorithm is the best of the best for a reason. It’s figured out how to parse through all the social media posts, blog posts, and websites to come up with the best answers for someone’s search query. Its algorithm seems to comb through anything and everything looking for the best answer.

So, it stands to reason that attacking the marketing issue from multiple angles also means that you need to attack the SEO issue from multiple angles. Every one of your sites and social media accounts needs to be SEO friendly and packed full of keywords.


Use Industry Hashtags

Hashtags that include keywords from your industry are a great way to get you noticed by people within your industry or people who are searching for information within your industry.

How you use hashtags is really up to you, but there are a few tips that you should follow.

First off, don’t add too many hashtags to a post because it will seem like spam and it could be filtered out of a search. Twitter says one or two hashtags per post is the “sweet spot”.

Second, give people a reason to use your hashtag. Offer a prize or some form of recognition when someone uses the hashtag. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon does a great example of this with a skit where it has viewers send a response to a hashtag within a certain theme such as #weddingfail or #whyigotfired.

For more tips, visit this Twitter blog post.


Make Your Profile SEO Friendly

Like most social media sites, a key to searchability is your profile. When you load up your profile with keywords and key phrases, your website and social media sites are more likely to be found by a search engine.

While this article is focused on Twitter, you should make all of your social media profiles SEO friendly.


Your Profile Photo Matters

Not only does your profile photo make your Twitter profile more professional, but it also increases your searchability. Don’t just call it “profile photo”, take the time to give it a good name and good description. Google and other search engines search the data and descriptions of photos for keywords too.


Tag People in Your Tweets

One sure way to get people’s attention is to tag them in a tweet. Like hashtags, you want to be careful not to tag too many people because then it could be considered spam. Tagging people in a tweet doesn’t just bring the tweet to the person’s attention, but the attention of the people that are following him or her.


Include Images and Videos

According to WordStream, your Twitter account is going to get more interaction and more views if you include images and videos in your tweets.

WordStream says if a tweet includes an image, the tweet is18% more likely to get clicked on.

Meanwhile, Insivia says that 82% of Twitter users watch videos that are posted on the platform.

Promote Your Tweets

Blogger and marketing guy Neil Patel says, “promote, promote, promote”. He says, “Twitter ads are a surefire way to gain tons of visibility, generate leads, and grow your audience. Therefore, promoting content on Twitter can help you rank higher. The best part is that you can target specific, custom audiences.”

Pretty much covers everything you need to know about the benefits of promoting your tweets.


Tweet Links

Twitter is a great way to share content from your website and drive people to your site. It’s also a great way to share content from other websites to help tell a story about who you are and what you stand for.

When you share links, you’re letting your followers know that you’re a great source of information. You’re also gaining a better chance of receiving retweets, which is the barometer for success on Twitter.


Written by Erika Towne