“Content is king!” — that’s what every marketer is saying nowadays. Now with the release of Google’s “Search Journey”, having amazing content on your website has never been more important.

Content has a few major purposes. These include offering value to your audience and to boost your website’s SEO ranking. Creating amazing content can sometimes be difficult, especially when you’re just starting. In this article, we’re going to go through 3 tools that you can use today to start crafting an amazing blog.


#1 BuzzSumo

Great content begins with a great idea. Coming up with ideas on what topics to write about can be tough.

This is where BuzzSumo steps in. BuzzSumo is an amazing tool which enables you to find the hottest content that’s currently being shared related to any topic. For example, if you’re looking for content ideas relating to marketing, you can simply search this topic. You then receive a huge list of trending articles that you can base your ideas on.

The website’s “Content Analyzer” will also let you see how many times each piece of content has been shared across multiple social media networks. Those include Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Using this information, you could even decide to target a specific social network that you think will generate the best engagement for your piece. This tool is simple, offers extremely valuable insights, and best of all it’s free to use!


#2 Grammarly

You may have seen Grammarly advertised everywhere. If you haven’t signed up for the service already, we highly recommend you do so! Grammarly is a writing tool — designed with artificial intelligence. It will help you to create the perfect piece of content. You can use it in multiple ways. You can install it as a browser extension, integrate it to your mobile devices keyboard, or you can simply log into the website and upload your piece of content.

The artificial intelligence will make suggestions almost instantly. It guides you to correct spelling errors, improve punctuality, and even make suggestions on how you can improve the conciseness of your content. Grammarly will help you look like a professional writer, even if you’re a novice!

The platform is free to use. However, to access premium features such as “Fluency”, “Readability”, and plagiarism checks, you can upgrade to the paid plan (currently $11.66/mo, billed annually). We highly recommend this tool to anyone who does any form of written work. It’s also great for those of you creating email sequences.


#3 GDoc SEO Assistant

Now, this tool is exclusively for those of you who use Google Docs. If you’re not already using Google Docs — bonus tip coming up — we highly recommend you begin using it! The GDoc SEO Assistant is an awesome tool that works as an “Add-on” for Google docs. It can be seamlessly integrated and will give you a huge range of suggestions on how you can improve the SEO score of your blog content.

To use the tool, you’ll begin by searching for your chosen keyword. For example, if you’re creating a blog on “Experiential Marketing”, you can use the GDoc SEO Assistant to search the phrase “Experiential Marketing”Once the tool has analyzed your content to see how it matches up with your chosen keyword, it will then provide you with your current SEO score — shown as a percentage.

Not only does this add-on provide with a list of suggestions on how you can improve your SEO scores, but you’ll also be given a list of related LSI keywords. These will help you further improve the SEO ranking of your content. We highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to optimize their content and skyrocket their SEO ranking!



When you’re starting your blog, creating amazing content can be tough. Let alone making sure everything is grammatically correct and optimize for search engines.

Using these 3 tools you’ll be able to generate amazing, engaging content in no time at all. For more information on how you can improve your blog and other written content, check out this post here.


Written by Lewis James