In digital marketing, I’m a firm believer that if you want to keep up with what’s happening in the world and in our industry, you have to read. This is a field where things are constantly changing. Since you already found your way to our site, which provides you with tons of blog posts on the topic. Here are six other sites that are must-reads for anyone in the marketing field. 

Think with Google

Is this one large advertisement to get you to use Google products? Absolutely. Do I care? Absolutely not.

Here’s the thing, when a company that has such a massive impact on what people read and the sites people visit offers you insight, you take it.

Google does a lot of case studies, which means it takes the information that it collects from millions of users and then breaks it down into something you can gain insight from. You can’t get that from many other sites.

Digital Marketer

Intentionally Inspirational founder Jason Wright is a big believer in this website. For a digital marketing expert like Jason, it’s a great place to learn new things about an ever-changing industry.

For people looking for just a little insight into ways to increase digital marketing for their specific company, it’s also a great stop. Digital Marketer looks at industry trends and the reasons behind those trends. It also has a podcast, which is very helpful for anyone on the go.


The company has worked in SEO since 2004 so not only does it understand what SEO is, but it understands how the industry has changed in the past 15 years. That’s a big deal because it means that it recognizes how a person’s mindset needs to change as those changes come along.

The Moz blog has everything from the basics of SEO that every business owner should know (How to Guard Your Google Business Profile From Becoming a Running Joke) to deep dives into data and how that data can grow the traffic to your website (How to Crush Competitors with TF-IDF).

Content Marketing Institute

When you visit the Content Marketing Institute website, it almost feels like you’re heading back to school and in a way you are. Not only does this website talk about digital marketing strategies, but it also offers insights into creating your entire marketing team.

Blog posts like The 7 Core Roles of a 2020 Content Marketing Team and 5 Tips for Recruitment Marketing to Get Great Hires to help you best shape your marketing team and your business for the future.


It pays to be one of the veterans in the industry and that’s why HubSpot is on the list. This is a company that has spent years and years posting blog content on the marketing industry on a daily basis. That means there’s a massive library of information at your disposal.

Neil Patel

This is an off the beaten path one, but I like it because he’s big on providing the reader with as much information as possible. Patel’s blog posts are not short reads, they’re the kind that you have to sit down and actually think about. But, if you have the time and you need the information, then it pays to visit his website.

Written by Erika Towne