I’m a writer if you can’t tell. Personally, I like to write. That’s why I write this blog post every week. It’s why I make a career out of writing. Plus it’s something that I enjoy doing and I would like to think that I’m pretty good at it.

Not everyone is me, however. For some people, writing a blog post is like pulling teeth. It’s a chore, not something to be savored and enjoyed. So for those of you out there, this post’s for you.

Do an Interview

One of the easiest blog posts to write is an interview. Interview someone who’s an expert and get their insight on the industry, or just pick their brain for business tips. You pick the questions, but the interviewee does all the heavy lifting.

Intentionally Inspirational does a quarterly digital magazine and in it we interview entrepreneurs. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can download the latest edition here.

A Look Behind the Scenes

There are two ways this can go and both of them are easy when it comes to writing. One option is that you write the post. It’s going to flow pretty easily because it’s just you writing about what you do every day.

The even less writing-intensive way is to make a quick video. The show How It’s Made is mesmerizing to watch and even more it’s interesting. It’s amazing how many people stop outside a candy store to watch people make chocolate or saltwater taffy. If you make something, a video may be a great look inside.

It’s limited writing with maximum appeal.

Answer an FAQ

FAQ’s are awesome because you don’t have to think about a topic, it’s already set for you. Plus, an FAQ is a frequently asked question, which means you’re asked it frequently and you’ve answered it frequently. It’s easy to write something when you’ve talked about it 10 to 20 times already.

Make a List

Listicles are great ways to pop up on search engine results, what’s more, they’re simple to write. Consider something like my 10 favorite books or 10 blog posts for people who hate to write, it’s easy to write because you only have to write 100 words about each item on the list and then toss them together instead of writing 1,000 words on just one topic.

Your Origin Story

Much like a superhero, your company has an origin story. Tell it. Share it. How did you come up with the idea? What made you take the leap? What was the first year like? Tell your origin story with pride.

Looking Forward or Looking Back

This one works really well at the beginning or end of the year. Look forward at what you have in store for customers this coming year or look back at what you provided to customers in the past year. It’s a good way to self-evaluate and keep customers informed at the same time.

Offer Tips

This one also plays off your knowledge and offers you a quick and easy blog post because you don’t have to think a lot about what you write. If you’re a plumber, offer tips for how to keep the shower from clogging. If you’re an accountant, offer some tax tips. Use your knowledge to offer up tips to readers.

Bonus points if you can make the tips different than the ones other blog posters have offered.

Talk About Something You Read

Like most entrepreneurs, I’m sure you read. Whether it’s current events, industry news or a review of the new Avengers movie, you’ve read something in the past week. If you don’t read, I’m sure you watched a YouTube video recently or listened to a podcast in the car. Use it to create a blog post.

Talk about what you loved or hated about what you heard. Talk about what inspired your article or what made you worry. Think about the blog as your personal soapbox. Just make sure you use your best judgment before you press that post button.

A Client Profile

This one requires permission from a client, but much like a behind the scenes look, it’s a simple write up because it’s a narrative you already know. Talk about what your client’s problem was. Talk about how you fixed it. Outline the steps that you took and the reasons your solutions helped. It’s a blog post that basically writes itself.

A Guest Blog Post

Talk about writing itself. All you do is get an expert or entrepreneur to write a blog post for you. You get an expert opinion without a lick of typing!

Parting Writing Tip

One of the best writing tips I ever received was to write the way you talk. A lot of what flows through my fingers and onto the screen is exactly what I would say if I were speaking out loud. When you’re writing a blog post, write it the way that you talk, though you might want to ditch some of the slang. It flows easier onto the page and it’s usually easier for readers to understand as well.

Happy writing!

Written by Erika Towne