Are you one that believes that social media is the best way to connect with people and tell them about your products and services?  Have you considered creating content of your own for it, instead of sharing someone else’s?

I have some news for you and it’s not what you want to hear.  

No one really cares about what you post, unless you get their attention and keep it.

It took me a little while to realize this, but I persisted and keep pushing forward.


Do you desire followers, likes, readers, listeners, or subscribers?

If not, stop reading now and spend your valuable spare time doing something else!


Still with me?

Good, let’s continue the conversation and see where it takes us.  If you are involved in internet marketing for any reason, you want other people to see what you are doing.  Perhaps you do want to promote a product or a service.  Maybe you have expertise that you would like to share with the world.  

Is any of this true for you?  The best way to do this it is by creating content.  This can take many forms such as blogging, podcasting, making videos, writing books, etc.  Content allows other people to find out that you exist, but this will not happen overnight for you.  It takes time to grow a following regardless of the content delivery strategy.

Once people find you, they can share your content with others and this obviously helps get your message out to the world.

Here is the cool part…

Once you are doing creating content, it never goes away!  This is like a gift that keeps on giving and it can all be repurposed in a variety of ways as well.  If you create content that others value, your audience will grow.  Remember to be patient here and stick to a schedule and have some discipline.  It will prove to valuable and it gives you credibility.  Regardless of what you do, content creation will be beneficial for you.

It costs little to nothing to get started and it can be a good outlet for you as well.  

Do you want to be regarded as an expert in your niche?  Try creating content and earn it.  Don’t waste your time worrying that you may have no experience.  Just start and you will naturally improve over time if you continue to practice.  This is also a great way to introduce people to your natural communication style.  Some people are going to prefer writing and others may prefer videos or even podcasts.  I recommend trying several methods of content creation and see what happens.

Personally, I started with blogging and went to podcasting…and then videos.  Currently, I still do all three and this will only broaden your potential reach with new audience members.  Not a bad deal, egh?

You can think of content creation as a passive audience growth strategy.  You put the effort and energy in at the beginning and you will reap the benefits of doing this in the future.  A percentage of your audience will want more from you, if you succeed in making a real connection with them through your writing and speaking.  Remember that none of this is possible without taking action!

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If you need a push or some motivation, let me know in the comments and I will do anything that I can to help each and everyone of you.

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