We all have unique talents and gifts which can contribute to us reaching unbelievable heights if we have the mindset to take us there.  Even the boldest and most talented person has their limitations though.  These limits hinge off of the amount of work and productivity that one person can effectively handle on their own.  Some people can certainly push harder and further than the majority, but an individual will never out produce an efficient and effective team.  Never ever!  Being on a team has the potential to take you to the top, and this is where you deserve to be.

Working with others creates another unique set of challenges altogether though.  Differences in goals, strengths, weaknesses and personality are a few examples of the variables that create an “interesting” dynamic.  Another truth is that some people prefer to lead, others naturally follow and a few enjoy the solo pursuit of an untraveled route.

Considering the wide array of unknowns and possible combinations, it is no surprise that a team can take a shared vision into the clouds or drive it 6 feet into the ground.  How can you, as a leader, navigate your planned course most effectively?

That is the question of all questions, isn’t it?  Let’s take a look at the steps that can get your team motivated and keep them there.


Step #1: Get their mind right!

If the people on your team do not have the correct mindset, nothing else that you do matters at all!  Please take the time to read the last sentence one more time.  I will go ahead and guarantee their failure right now without knowing any of their specific details.  My suggestion is talking to each of your people and really getting into their minds in the areas of goals, vision and most importantly self-belief.  Even if someone has a vision and goals these are a waste of time to talk about if they do not possess the belief that they can actually execute the steps needed, to get to where they want to go.

Self-belief is the intangible foundation on which everything else is built.  No foundation, no progress!  Invest your time in coaching your individual team members through a constructive and growth focused process.  This will not happen overnight, but focusing your joint efforts on the correct opportunities will allow the possibility of unleashing their inner beast!  You want beast mode to be present as often and for as long as possible.  Trust me here.


Step #2: Expand their mind!

Small dreams equal small results, so address this issue next.  There is nothing more disappointing being satisfied with modest goals and then sliding into that darn “comfort zone.”  If someone sets out to pursue a goal, they should make it a monster because they may surprise them self and actually reach it.  If we do not dream big, we effectively take away any chance of making it big.  Believing that anything is possible is the key and then getting everyone around you to share in this belief.  You must believe this yourself and other people will quickly be able to pick up on your genuine excitement and belief.


Step #3: Revisit the vision!

Once people have self-belief and embrace the idea that big dreams are possible, things can get exciting with the quickness!  I am excited right now just thinking and writing about it.  Each person on your team needs to develop their specific vision for the end result of their actions and effort.  They should be able to describe what they want out of life, their job, or their business with a high level of detail.  And should be able to recognize the signs that will tell them when they have reached that point.  They should know what it will feel like, smell like, and taste like!  This should be a vivid vision that is personalized for each person.

If you can connect with them and help them get what they want, you will ultimately get what you want.  I am paraphrasing the late Zig Ziglar, but I think you will all agree that he clearly knew what the heck he was talking about.  This is an experience that champion athletes describe often.  They tell their stories that began when they were kids and they vividly knew what the winning the championship felt like with all of their senses.  This experience is often described by successful business owners as well.


Step #4: Foster personal development habits!

Personal development is like continuing education on an individual level.  The expanding of the mind and more “tools” in the tool box are a good thing for everyone.  It does require a bit of effort to get started, but its easy to keep in going once the ball is rolling.  The resources are abundant and so are the content sources that are available to choose from.  There are books, podcasts, seminars, courses, videos, radio, magazines, blogs, etc. so there should be a preference in that list for everyone.  I recommend trying many of these yourself and encouraging your team to participate in a variety of personal development activities.

Perhaps someone on your team doesn’t buy into all of this because they have never found content in a form that interests them.  Simply ask them what they do not like and point them in a different direction.  Since your team is only as strong as its weakest link, it will behoove you to have the strongest team members that you can find!  New knowledge instills confidence and this is inspiring for the beholder.  


Step #5: Help them get daily wins!

We all need wins to stay engaged in anything that we do.  This is as true for sports as it is for business or even the traditional workplace.  Helping the individual members on your team set daily achievable goals is what I am specifically talking about. There are countless apps, programs and tools available to help with this.  A tiny step in the right direction is still a step in the right direction!  Point this out to the people that depend on you.

Celebrate every win you get regardless of the size, because a win is a win!  When people are winning they want to remain on top.  We all do and this is exactly why the ultra successful get on top and stay on top.  The toughest part is simply starting.  Once the momentum begins the maintenance of that motion is the easy part.

For those of you who lead teams in any scenario, I would enjoy hearing your feedback on this list.  Did you pick up a nugget or gain a new perspective somewhere?  I would really be interested in hearing how this strategies work after you implement them for 30 days or more.  Think of this as a passive effort strategy.  It requires a lot of work up front, but once you have successfully run through the steps I am willing to bet that you will have a more productive and motivated team.

This book Pulling Together: 10 Rules for High-Performance Teamwork A must-read for the leader of any team, Pulling Together is the ultimate list of advice for achieving greatness on a team. From “Respecting Diversity” to “Building Trust,” the rules for teamwork compiled here will inspire camaraderie and demand excellence.

Everyone will feed off of each other and raise the collective energy level of the team!  Remember that it all begins in that familiar space between the ears.  Unwavering belief can transform someone’s life in a short period of time! Good luck and feel free to leave your thoughts or reactions in the comments of this post. If you enjoyed what you read, be sure to check out some of our other blog posts