It would be best if you always were thinking of ways to provide value to your clients and potential clients. Creating value for your clients  just takes some creativity and planning to maximize the benefit for your company and your clients.

Creating real value for your customers for free is achievable in several ways.

Your Brand

creating real value for your customers

When you think of your brand, you need to go beyond your company’s name and logo. What do people think about when they think of your brand? Are you community-oriented? Authentic? Accessible? As you develop your 

brand and your personalized marketing, be intentional.

Show your authenticity and humor when appropriate, as that helps your audience connect with you. The more your audience feels connected, the more likely they will be to engage with your content and offerings.

Be Involved

It’s always a great idea to strike a healthy work/life balance; however, you may want to share some sides of your personal life with your clients. For example, if you are on a health journey, involved with a local non-profit, or a caretaker for an aging parent, all of this could be useful content and support for your clients.

Sponsor community events and purchase a vendor table to meet potential clients. Remember that the more authentic and aligned with your audience’s values and morals, the better. This will also lead to more connectivity, engagement, and more clients!

You want people to associate your brand with a positive experience and as an active participant in the community.

Public Speaking

You have great information and expertise and should always be looking for opportunities to share that information. In addition, look for opportunities to speak to community groups where your offerings can be of service.

Once you become a noted speaker in your industry, you’ll be the first person they’ll call for future events!

perceived valueGreat Content

As your clients sign up for your e-books, newsletters, etc., you want to provide them with practical, insightful content. This is one of the most significant opportunities to offer a greater perceived value to your audience.

Webinars and FAQs are a great way to provide valuable ongoing content to your clients. In addition, keep your website updated with relevant articles and blogs containing pertinent and useful information.

personalized marketing

Interactive content like contests and giveaways increases engagement and will keep your audience looking for what you have coming up next.

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