Focusing on Your Ideal Client

You may feel like you’ve hit a wall in finding passive investors. You’ve sent the emails to your real estate leads, followed up, and still feel you’re not seeing the conversion rates you would like. A lot goes into a real estate lead becoming a prospect to a happy client, and one of the first steps you may be missing is defining YOUR passive investor avatar! No, we’re not talking about any imaginary big-budget Disney characters. Instead, we’re talking about the dream client you are looking for.

What is a Passive Investor Avatar? 

passive investor

You may have thought of your target audience broadly, so that’s who you’ve been looking for. However, your avatar is THE person you are looking for in much greater detail. Who is your passive investor? How old are they? Where are they in their career? Where do they live? What is their marital status? What are their goals and dreams for their future and returns?

These are the detailed questions you need to be asking yourself beyond the general ideas you have about your niche customer. Make them a real person, or better yet, make them your passive investor avatar, the customer you understand in detail that will benefit most from your information and services.

How to Find Your Avatar

passive investor avatar

Now that you have answered those detailed questions of precisely who you are looking for, the question becomes, where do you find them? Look where you are right now to start. Because you’ve just gone through this passive investor avatar exercise, they may be standing right in front of you, and you haven’t realized it.  You can now speak to their specific situation and goals now that you have uniquely identified them.

Networking will always be your best friend in your quest for passive investors. Join professional groups where you know your avatar will be a member, join social media discussions/groups your passive investor avatar is a part of and make your expertise and background the answer to their quest!

Once You Find Your Passive Investor Avatar 

real estate lead

Now that you have found your avatar, you need deeper conversations with them. What are their even more specific needs beyond the idea you had? What are their challenges, and what has caused them problems in the past?

As you start to communicate and tailor your marketing to this real person, pay attention to the questions they ask or specific language they may use repeatedly.  You want to focus on those things and create products and services that speak directly to their challenges.

Make sure you are very specific.  If they asked you, “How do I use automated marketing?”, your responsive content should be called “How to Use Automated Marketing” and not just canned content you had scheduled to go out. Be the answer to their questions and keep providing useful, consistent information.

Understanding your passive investor avatar and targeting them in your messaging will increase your chances of taking those real estate leads and prospects to the next step in becoming a satisfied client. In addition, we can help you understand how to make the most of your automated marketing. To schedule a 20-minute call with us, click here.