Real Estate Marketing Automation Done Right Can Increase Your Conversion and Deepen Connections

Most of us are always looking for ways to grow our business and curate a wonderful experience for our customers and clients while doing so, or at least we should be thinking about it. A great way to put those thoughts to action is to utilize a CRM system that is not only user-friendly but also effective in getting your software automations integrated into your current processes to improve the relationship and increase conversions throughout your customer’s business life cycle.

Active Campaign is a Customer Automation Experience used by more than 150,000 global businesses! There are several reasons why so many businesses have chosen Active Campaign, but let’s walk through a few of them in case you still aren’t sure that Active Campaign is the real estate marketing automation for you and your business.


As you are looking to master your personalized email marketing and software automations, you want to be sure that you are using a system that allows you to reach real estate prospects, clients and customers through several touchpoints. 

marketing automation

Email, social media, chats, text messages and more are available for your segmented real estate marketing and communications with Active Campaign. Having all of these touchpoint options available to you will help you reach your customer through the means that they are most engaged with and most responsive to.  This is also a great way to deepen that relationship as your customers will appreciate you using their preferred form of communication to get them the best information in a timely fashion.

Software Integration

CRMWe all want to work smarter and not harder; and with Active Campaign you’ll be able to integrate other software you may currently utilize in your business or hope to use in the future. Square, Facebook, WordPress, and Salesforce are just a few of the more than 850 integrations available with Active Campaign to help you streamline your customers’ experience throughout the relationship from prospect to client! In tandem, this can truly take your business communications to the next level seamlessly!

Intuitive Workflow 

Active CampaignIt’s important to find the right system that works with how you do business, but it’s also wise to utilize a system that will improve your current workflow and systems. Active Campaign’s Intuitive Workflow eliminates the need for you to do repetitive processes manually. Processes that would take quite a bit of time to do manually can now be done through your Active Campaign’s Automation, while also still increasing your customer’s personalized email marketing, communications and customer experience.  

From leads to contacts to current customers, Active Campaign can help you integrate all of your processes into a multi-step software automation.

To learn more about how Active Campaign can help you free up more of your time to nurture your client relationships and how it could exponentially grow your business, schedule a call with us TODAY!