How to attract more passive investors with more targeted marketing

Do you feel like you have a great Lead Magnet but still not getting the results you’re looking for? Are you getting frustrated with getting clicks, but no engagement? Are your subscribers feeling like they are getting valuable content from you in exchange for their personal information?

What can you do to shorten the learning curve of passive investors who may be interested in investing with you, but not sure of what all is involved in the process so that keeps them from moving forward?

We All Live In A Digital World

passive investorsAre they going to read an e-book? Probably not. They are probably not even scrolling to read your newsletter in its entirety. You know, the newsletter you spent all that time on and packing with great information?

According to research, humans fall behind goldfish in the amount of time they can focus on one task at hand (only 8.25 seconds for humans). Yikes!

Short attention spans are growing exponentially, so how are you going to get and keep your potential investors’ attention and increase their engagement and ultimately manage their passive investments?

How Do You Get Started?

The fact that we’ve all had to become digital citizens in some shape, form or fashion, should help convince you to embrace the digital video download for your Lead Magnet versus the traditional newsletter or e-book.

What Should You Be Sending To Get Your Leads Excited

email marketing

Video content! Remember MTV’s very first music video to air? It was, The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”? Now we’re in a space where people tend to prefer visual content over written content as it builds connection, credibility and even more importantly a personal touch.

Make your content personable as you gain potential investors’ trust. You don’t have to be perfect, it’s even better if you aren’t. Try to record your content in one take…even if you may stumble here and there. This makes you appear more authentic and more trustworthy. It also adds a layer of comfort and connection with your viewers.

Create A Custom Domain For Your Content

Start with a custom domain that is separate from your current website. This will help your potential investor find your targeted marketing information quickly and easily. Use a clean landing page which has shown to increase conversation/engagement to up to 20% vs what is considered a good conversation rate of 2%-5%. You want them to OPT In and not leave your page. The cleaner this landing page is, the better.

Target Your Leads Specifically Within A Niche

Target specific segments of your potential investors and be specific. It’s not enough to send the information to “Dentists”, but you need to send it to your contacts who are “Dentists who have multiple offices” or “Dentists who gross over 250K annually”. Speak to the investor in order to get the investor to speak to you! Make sense?

Create a High Perceived Value

digital marketing

Make sure your Leads feel like they are getting more value than they expected when they signed up for your content. Deliver more than is expected. Although your potential investors did not pay to receive your content (beyond their contact information), you still must create a perceived value for your content. Think of this value as a minimum of $50 in value to your potential investor.

Include email marketing and text communication when possible. This will condition your potential investor to look for useful communication from you on a regular basis. The more this person feels connected and informed of the process, the more likely they will be to finally make that call to you and add to your list of satisfied clients and investors.

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