In previous posts, we have talked about the Facebook Group and how it could be the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal. It’s a way for you to gather people together over a similar cause and get them to interact with one another and you.

In creating a group, you’re putting like-minded individuals together and allowing them to talk about a single topic. These people are actively looking for a place to interact and engage on this topic.

People in a Facebook Group aren’t spectators; for the most part, they’re people who do. They’re people who interact.

You need to harness this power to work for you.


Monetize Your Facebook Group

Previously, I’ve talked about monetizing your Facebook Group (here). It’s a great way to create a second or third income stream through affiliates, sponsorships, and more.

However, if you spend too much time selling to your group, you’re going to scare people away. After all, they joined the group because they were looking for a safe space to talk about a topic that they were passionate about. If they feel like they’re being sold something at every turn, they will go somewhere else.

Luckily, there are other things you can do with your Facebook Group that don’t ask people for a dime but can still create revenue for you.


Test Market Products or Courses

Your Facebook Group is a collection of people passionate about a specific topic. They’ve spent time reading about this topic. They’re hungry for knowledge, and they have questions they want answers to.

Answer those questions!

Your group is a great place to hone your ideas for new products or educational courses. You have the idea; the people in the Facebook Group can help you cater that idea to people just like them.

Through a Facebook Group, you’re setting your next product or course launch up for success.


Gain Valuable Customer Insight

Even if you don’t have a product or service that you’re trying to sell at the moment, a Facebook Group can offer you valuable insight into your customer.

Simply look at what the group members are talking about. Which things are they complaining about? What do they love? Are there things they wish they had?

A Facebook Group can help you discover the pressure points customers are experiencing in the current climate. Groups can also help you learn how to alter your products or services to better suit your clientele.


Create Super Customers

One of my favorite uses for a Facebook Group is the creation of super customers. Super customers aren’t just people who buy from you, but they’re people who brag about you to their closest friends and colleagues.

As most small business owners understand, the super customer is invaluable to the growth and survival of your business.

A Facebook Group creates a pool of people just waiting for you to turn them into super customers. These are people that already have a shared passion.

They have already taken step one by joining your Facebook Group, now it’s time to show off your knowledge, skill, and compassion for them and turn them into super customers.


Increase Website Traffic to Increase Organic Search Ranking

Sharing your knowledge doesn’t always have to be in the form of a lengthy post. You can also share your expertise by simply sharing a link to your latest blog post.

Not only does this add value for your customer, but you’re also increasing the traffic to your website. That’s important.

When your website gets increased traffic, the value of your site goes up in the eyes of the Googles and the Bings of the world. You rank higher in search results.

Use your Facebook Group to increase the traffic to your website, and you’ll start drawing in customers from organic searches as well.



Facebook Groups are such a good marketing tool because of their versatility as a marketing tool.

Through the members of a your group, you can create a stream of revenue, conduct market research, create your own marketing team, and more.

If you haven’t started a Facebook Group yet, it’s time to get one going. Check out this previous post for tips and tricks to make your group the best experience for you and its members.


Written by Erika Towne