The first word of advice that Beau Crabill has for anyone who wants to become a professional seller on Amazon is that you have to be a professional.

“It’s a real business. If you don’t put real effort into it, you’re probably going to lose more money than you can imagine,” Crabill told Jason Wright during a recent talk on the Intentionally Inspirational podcast.

Crabill should know. The entrepreneurial bug struck him at a young age. From selling socks on eBay to an Amazon powerhouse. Crabill has sold things for most of his life. He’s also given up other passions to make being an entrepreneur his sole focus in life.

He’s perfected his selling technique through the years, and now he’s sharing what he knows.


New Isn’t Always Better

One of the first things he tells people is that new or trendy doesn’t always mean you will make money.

“People think that starting a business because they watch Shark Tank or they watch all the other things, and they think that you really have to create a new, amazing unique product,” said Crabill. “However, [look at] the amount of products that are already out there on the market… I focus on what’s already selling, and I try to just go and buy those at a wholesale.”

He says too often that sellers try to latch on to trends to make a quick buck or look for something new that no one has seen before. Crabill focuses on what sells best, and he’s built his business around that.

Crabill focuses on his niche. He then buys the best-selling items in that niche at wholesale prices.

He says one of the big mistakes he sees people make is: “They’re trying to put something into the market when they should just try to see how they can improve the market.”


How to Sell on Amazon

When it comes to selling on Amazon, Crabill says there are a few ways you can go about it.

“There’s either creating up your own brand or selling popular, name brand products. Both can be fine,” said Crabill. “I would say the route of selling name brand products, that’s what I do, it’s definitely lower margins, but I would say it’s a little more consistent. [Look at it] like investing. Okay, you’ve got X amount of dollars to start with. These products are already selling. They’re already on Amazon. You got to find them at the right price.”

However, depending on your background and funding. The second route might be more suited for you.

“If someone has a little bit more of a background with marketing or advertising, has a little more budget to spend into ads, and gets a little more creative, I would say definitely creating your own product would be a good way to go,” said Crabill.


Educate Yourself

No matter which path you choose, Crabill says the most important thing to know about selling on Amazon is knowing the rules for selling on Amazon.

“Unlike creating your own website and selling on Shopify and ClickFunnels and things like that, you are at the end of the day on Amazon’s platform,” said Crabill.

Amazon has a very specific set of standards and rules for its sellers. If you break those rules or don’t meet Amazon’s high standards, Amazon could shut down your store.

That, of course, is the last thing that you want.


Should I Sell Somewhere Besides Amazon?

While Crabill focuses on Amazon, he says other sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist all have their place in the selling market and are just as viable if the circumstances are right.

To find out which one is best for you, check out Crabill’s entire interview on the Intentionally Inspirational YouTube Channel, by clicking here.


Written by Erika Towne