Ever wonder why some people seem to be continuously successful? When I was younger I always tried to figure this out. Like really, what is the big difference between why some people reach high levels of success and others fall behind?  There are many elements required to answer this question fully. However, one of the most critical elements is perception. How you perceive yourself, your business, and the world around you. In this article, I’m going to explain why managing your perception is crucial for success in all areas of life, including business.


Why Perception Matters

The reason why perception is so important is your actions and decisions are based on how you perceive situations. How successful you are depends on it. 

For example, if you perceived yourself as a great negotiator, you would be more inclined to carry out the actions of a great negotiator. Those include being assertive, using mirroring, excellent listening skills, etc. 

If you perceive a particular business situation negatively, you’re more likely to make irrational decisions that also return negative results. For example, if your company’s value drops 10%, you might want to quickly sell your shares. In reality, it is probably best to hold on and wait for them to grow.

But what’s the scientific reason for this?


What Controls Perception?

The portion of your brain responsible for perception is known as reticular activity system (RAS). 

The RAS works by using your past experiences, thought patterns, and perceptions to process how you see your current reality. Another way that some explain this is the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon”. For example if you buy a blue car and then suddenly start seeing blue cars everywhere. 

However, the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon” explains this concept as an illusion. Implying the person experiencing this is in a state of delusion. But there’s a lot more at play with this phenomenon that science is only just starting to explain. Such as quantum mechanics and metaphysics. 

But let’s say it was just a mere illusion. Why not purposely change your perception to see yourself as happier, more successful, and living a great lifestyle? And then take the opportunities that come your way?

By purposely changing your perception and thought patterns, you RAS will respond by helping you see opportunities to confirm your state of mind.


Influences on Perception

Many things can influence your perception. For most people, past experiences and ways of thinking installed as a child can significantly impact how you perceive your reality. 

For example, a child who was brought up in a family of chefs will be influenced by their surroundings. Probably thinking that they would grow up to be a chef too. Also, people who have had lousy business partnerships previously would most likely perceive all business partnerships as a bad idea. Thus resulting in future business relationships that turn sour. 

What we consume also has a massive impact on perception.  TV shows we watch, the music we listen to, and even advertisements have some bearing on how we think. They can have a huge influence if we let it. 

But one of the biggest influences on perception is our imagination. Science has shown that imagination and reality have a lot of similarities. If you can take control of your imagination, you can imagine new (positive) scenarios that will trigger your RAS to find situations that fit your vision.


Changing Your Perception

One of the best ways you can change your perception is by using your imagination.

Visualize the reality you want in your mind’s eye. Hold this visualization and repeat it continuously in mind as if you were actually living your imagined reality. 

For example, imagine that your business is continuously successful, providing the best products or services to your customers/clients. Once you’ve got a clear image of this happening, you will begin to perceive yourself and act like a very successful business owner who always makes excellent business decisions and works to provide the absolute best service possible. 

The more you visualize and take action based on your visualizations, the more you’ll see the results you’re expecting start to unfold in your reality. 


Using Perception to Improve Your Business

If you use your imagination to change your perception, you’ll be able to visualize your business succeeding and see the results unfold. 

But here’s an important side note: You must take action! As well as changing your perception, you must take action to make meaningful change. Solidify your new ways of thinking by being meticulous and persistent with your vision and your actions in real life, and wait to see the results of your newly changed perception. 

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Written by Lewis James