Many businesses are struggling to run properly due to fewer people in the office. Now many teams are trying to work remotely. It’s becoming difficult to stay efficient. Especially in areas such as customer support, advertising, and marketing content creation. Luckily, there are many tools that you can use to fully automate areas of your business. These tools improve efficiency. As well as your customer’s experience while reducing your workload.

In this article, we’re going to go through ways you can automate your business’s customer experience (CX). Plus what tools you need to use.


Ways CX Can Help Automate Your Business

There are many reasons you should be using Customer Experience automation.

Reduce Support Agent Workload

Integrating rule-based chatbots into your website will make your CX way more consistent. They can be used to ensure that customers are instantly directed to the exact information needed. To resolve specific problems. 

Think of it as an interactive FAQ experience.  Your customer gets the exact information they’re looking for. However, without having to directly speak with a support agent.

AI-based chatbots can also be programmed to instantly answer common questions. The ones your customer support staff receive regularly. Therefore you will reduce your support team’s workload. This gives them more time to spend on more complex customer support inquiries.


Faster Solutions

Chatbots can also help your customers get faster solutions. By using chatbot forms, assigning the right support agent straight away will be simple. The customer simply selects the exact type of support that they need. 

This will massively improve the efficiency of your customer support experience. As your users won’t have to go through multiple support agents to get the right answer.



We all like to feel that we’re valued by a business that we deal with. This is why offering a personalized customer experience is essential. Not just to make the customer feel valued. It also improves customer retention. 

Email marketing automation platforms, like ActiveCampaign, have built-in tools for personalization. These tools allow you to email messages with the customer’s name. You are also able to schedule things like personalized “Happy Birthday” messages. 


3 Essential CX Automation Tools


We talk about ActiveCampaign a lot on this blog and for good reason.  ActiveCampaign makes email and SMS marketing really simple to automate. Using ActiveCampaign enables you to send personalized automated emails based on how customers interact with your business.

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you read our honest review on ActiveCampaign. There is a good chance it can help improve your CX strategy.



Zendesk is an all-around customer experience tool. Offering support for email, messaging apps, FAQs, and phone support. 

It compiles all customer support channels into one easy-to-use dashboard. Simplifying how your support team deals with requests. Plus it can be integrated into almost all websites, including Shopify sites.



ChatBot is a user-friendly platform. It enables you to build and integrate a chatbot into your business website quickly. 

The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help answer repetitive questions. Allowing your customer support staff more time to resolve more complex issues.

You can then integrate your AI chatbot to your Zendesk workspace. Doing this will help your team become more efficient. It will reduce the time they spend answering the same questions.


Keeping Customer Happy During COVID-19

There are far more people online during the lockdown. It’s more important than ever that you have your online customer experience strategy optimized. 

A good customer support experience will pay off massively. Both in terms of boosting your business’s reputation and customer retention. 

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Written by Lewis James