Intentionally Inspirational works with a lot of clients that have successful sales funnels but want to take them to the next level. A lot of them ask, what can I do to make my sales funnel convert better? And the answer they get is warm traffic.


What are the different types of website traffic?

Let’s start out with the different types of traffic that you receive on your website. In marketing, there are three basic types of traffic. Cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic.


What is cold traffic?

Cold traffic is someone who visits your website for the first time without really knowing who you are. This person may have Googled a question and your website showed up in the search results. This person may have been referred to your site and wants to find out more.

Cold traffic is people that know little to nothing about you. They’re testing the waters.

Your odds of converting cold traffic into a paying client are pretty low.


What is warm traffic?

Knowing what cold traffic is, it’s fairly simple to discern what warm traffic is. Warm traffic is someone who is already familiar with your business. Maybe this person subscribes to your newsletter or follows you on social media. This person could be visiting your website and is a fan of your product, he or she just hasn’t made a purchase yet.

It is someone who knows you and already has a level of trust with you.


What is hot traffic?

Hot traffic is someone who has gone even further, this person has already made a purchase from you and is happy with the product he or she received.


Why you want warm traffic.

The purpose of this post is to look at warm traffic.

Cold traffic is difficult to sell to. This is a person that’s just checking things out and so it’s a lot of work to convert that person to a sale right off the bat. It is possible to transition cold traffic into warm, however, that takes work.

On the other end of the spectrum, hot traffic isn’t something that you’re targeting because you’ve already sold yourself to hot traffic. You need to work to keep that traffic to your website hot, but you don’t need to work as hard to make the sale.

With warm traffic, you’ve already done most of the work toward making the sale, all you have to do is close the deal.


How to convert warm traffic to hot traffic

Single Grain says it well, “As your goal is to convert someone who already knows who you are, you need to drive them to pages or assets that deliver value but also remind them of their interest in your product or services.”

When you’re trying to convert warm traffic to hot traffic, you want to offer them assets that remind them of why you’re a valuable source. Think about offering eBooks and white papers, product demos, and webinars. Free tools or other offers are good too.

By offering this extra value, you’re also building trust with your warm traffic. The idea is that soon you will have built up enough trust that the warm traffic will start converting into hot traffic.

Plus, as people learn more from you through your white papers, email marketing, and eBooks, they’re going to start realizing what their specific pain points are. By identifying what they need to work on, you’re making them better clients for you.

That means when they’re ready to start buying, you can jump right in and start helping.

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Written by Erika Towne