Are you getting enough Iodine? As entrepreneurs, we are constantly improving ourselves. From the way we work to the quality of our work, to how we grow and expand our businesses it all must be constantly improving. Needless to say, intelligence is a huge piece of your entrepreneurial success. But what if you can become more intelligent just by eating foods which are dense in certain minerals?

In this article, I’ll tell you what that brain-boosting mineral is, where you can find it, and how it can potentially boost your IQ!


So…What’s The Magic Element?

*Drumroll please…* — Iodine!  What is that? Well, the short answer is iodine is a chemical element we find in nature. It’s found in a wide variety of foods (those we’ll discuss later). The important thing is it is crucial for optimal health. Plus it plays a huge role in the function of your thyroid gland. That gland located in the front of your neck.

The thyroid has many different vital functions. A few of those include producing hormones, and regulating how your body uses stored energy. Not to mention it also plays a crucial role in your metabolism.


Does It Boost Your IQ?

China did a study that shows a significant correlation between iodine exposure and IQ (Intelligent Quotient). Children in iodine-deficient areas were found to have a much lower IQ than children born in iodine-rich areas.

The National Bureau Of Economic Research also did a study. Their study found that when the US iodized salt it dramatically impacted the whole country’s IQ. It found that men, who were brought up in areas that were iodine-deficient saw a significant increase in their IQ level when iodine was added to table salt across the United States.

Many articles of research clearly point to the same thing. Iodine has a huge impact on our cognitive function and overall intelligence.


Where To Find It?

Many foods that are full of iodine can be found at your local supermarket. You may be surprised how many common foods are packed with this fantastic, brain-boosting element.

One of the richest sources of iodine is seaweed. Yep, that’s right. That stuff that washes up on the beach. However, seaweed is actually a nutritional powerhouse. First off, it’s loaded with iodine! Specific types are loaded with over 2000% of your daily recommended intake, in just 1 gram.

Other iodine-rich foods include:

  • Eggs (15% of you RDA per egg)
  • Prawns (25% of your RDA per 100-gram serving)
  • Yogurt (50% of your RDA per cup)
  • Cod (up to 60% of your RDA in 85 grams)
  • Prunes (up to 10% of your RDA per 5 prunes)



As you can see, the research shows that iodine is crucial for cognitive function. Not to mention it can have a significant impact on your IQ. With entrepreneurs making intelligent decisions regularly consuming proper amounts of iodine-rich foods is a crucial part of a healthy diet.

There are many elements required to be a successful entrepreneur. Your diet is a significant part of your strategy. Especially since energy is what ultimately drives your success! To learn more about how you can incorporate nutrition to your daily routine to make you a better entrepreneur, check out this previous blog here.


Written by Lewis James