Many people still consider email lists as the holy grail of internet marketing. I certainly still think that way — emails can be the life-blood of most businesses — especially internet-based brands and eCommerce store.

Getting your emails to stand out is extremely important. First, you need to make sure you’re choosing awesome subject lines that make your audience want to click through onto your email. Next, you’ll want to write amazing content within the email that connects with people — make reading your emails a memorable experience for your audience.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing 3 quick and easy tips to make your emails shine!


#1 Choose An Awesome Subject Title

This may seem obvious, but few people get this right. Failing to choose an eye-catching subject title for your emails could lead to a decrease in sales for your brand. Let’s go through a few examples. Say you own an apple shop (the edible kind, not the tech giant). You have a list of customers on your email list and you want to let them know about the latest arrival of organic Granny Smith apples that have arrived at your store.

A boring subject title for your email announcement would look like this: “New apples arrived, check them out”

If you want to catch everyone’s attention, your email title should look something like this: “Just In! Deliciously Organic Granny Smiths — Take A Look!”

 Really try to make your email subject titles stand out. Everyone is receiving 10’s if not 100’s, or emails a day — make yours shine!


#2 Using Customer’s Names

This tactic, although simple, will work wonders. Why? Because everyone loves the sound of their own name. The best place to start is by using names in the subject title of your email.

Going back to our apple shop example, you’ll want your subject line to look something like this: “Hey, Julie! You’re Going To LOVE Our New Organic Range!” — This will help to instantly engage the eyes of your customer.

If you’re using an email automation software such as ActiveCampaign, you can insert a command that will automatically insert your customer’s first name (or even full name) whenever you send them an email. Their name can be included in the subject line, as well as in the first sentence.

For example:” Hey, Julie! We just want to let you know about the awesome apples we have on offer…..”

 Never underestimate the power of using your customer’s name.


#3 Give Your Emails A Personal Touch

We’ve all been there — receiving automated emails that look like they’ve been typed up by a 1970’s robot (no offense if you’re a robot from the ‘70s). These robotic, mechanical messages don’t get anyone excited. If you’re like me, then you’ll click straight off and instantly hit the Trash button. Giving your emails a personal touch — that help your readers feel engaged — isn’t rocket science. Depending on your business, your tone of voice may vary. However, you can still speak in an approachable tone that will make your audience feel at home when reading your email. Here’s a quick example:

An example of a robotic tone of voice: “We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our email about apples. Learn more here” — *YAWN*.

Here’s an improved version: “Big thanks for checking out our apples, Julie! If you wanna know more, head over here!

Writing in an approachable tone will work wonders for your business — making your customers feel like they’re being spoken to by someone genuine. This will ultimately build your brand’s trust and lead to increased sales.



Making your emails stand out from the crowd doesn’t have to be hard work. Using catchy subject lines, that includes your customers’ names, and user-friendly language will pay off massively in the long run.

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Written by Lewis James