Have you ever heard of Binaural Beats? Chances are you have heard of this soundwave phenomenon that has been flying around the internet. People may dub these mind-altering frequencies as a mere FAD, however, as you’ll find out in this article, there’s a lot of scientific studies that suggest otherwise.

But what exactly are Binaural Beats? How do they work? Will they work for you?

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can use binaural beats as part of your entrepreneurial lifestyle. They can help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and dramatically increase your productivity.


What Are Binaural Beats Exactly?

They are known as auditory illusions. They are created when two different sine wave frequencies are below 1500Hz, and a maximum on 40Hz apart, are played to each ear simultaneously.

The idea is that this disparity between the two sound waves forces the brain to find the difference between the two frequencies, which induces the brain into specific brainwave states – alpha, beta, theta, or delta.

All of the brainwave states that are induced by binaural beats have a variety of different benefits, including increased focus, improved mood, and better overall mental clarity.


How They Can Help You

There are many scientific studies showing that binaural beats offer a huge array of benefits for everyone.

One recent study, conducted by Dr. Giampapa, had participants listen to binaural beats audios for 4 hours a day, over 3 days. The results were astonishing. Giampapa found that participants were able to increase their DHEA levels by over 43% on average. Participants also saw their levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, drop by a staggering 46%, whilst also seeing their levels of melatonin skyrocket nearly 100% – amazing!

The results from the aforementioned study should give you a real insight into how powerful binaural beats can be. As entrepreneurs, we’re very often under stress and pressure. This, unfortunately, correlates with having high cortisol levels and most likely low levels of melatonin. Especially those of us who have trouble sleeping at night.

Using binaural beats can improve your life as an entrepreneur. You would have the ability to maintain and drive down your stress levels, keeping you feeling calmer, and thinking with more clarity, all of which can help you dramatically improve your productivity.


Where To Start 

So, this all sounds great so far, right? But how do you get started when using binaural beats?

First of all, we recommend that you grab yourself and a good pair of earphones or headphones – this will be a good start, as you’ll want to be getting the highest quality of sound possible.

Next, it’s time to find yourself some binaural beat audios. There’s a whole host of binaural beats to choose from and they can be found pretty much anywhere – YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, & Apple Music, etc. We recommend trying out beats that improve focus, boost creativity, and ones that will help you to relax and sleep.

Remember, using both ears is crucial for them to work, so make sure you have your earphones or headphones properly positioned.

Not extensive effort is required for binaural beats to work their magic. In fact, no effort is required at all – all you need to do is place in your earphones, click play, then sit back and relax. If you follow these simple steps, then results should start to show relatively quickly.



As you can see, binaural beats have been proven to boast awesome benefits! Not only this, it takes literally no effort at all for them to start working wonders.

As an entrepreneur, managing your stress and boosting your productivity are crucial for your success in the long run. What better way to do this than to place your headphones on, click play, and let the power of sound change your life!

We’d love to know how you get on when incorporating binaural beats into your daily routine. Do you feel more creative? Less stress? Improved moods and overall cognitive function? If so, let us know in the comments section below. If you also have any binaural beats you particularly love to listen to, link them in the comments so everyone can try them out for themselves.


Written by Lewis James