We tend to forget that creativity and entrepreneurship often go hand in hand. Many people have a stereotypical view of entrepreneurs. They see them as serious businessmen and women. People who simply are looking to make a lot of money, and committed only to the bottom line.

However, creativity is an essential tool for successful entrepreneurs. It isn’t just about coming up with that next million-dollar idea. Running a great business involves the ability to adapt. The ability to think outside the box to address problems and navigate uncertainty. Startups need to evolve as time goes on. Technology is constantly changing. Entrepreneurs need to be constantly thinking, looking ahead, and creatively adjusting their products and services.

Here are the top three reasons creativity is crucial for entrepreneurs:


Standing Out Requires A Creative Approach

One of the first things an entrepreneur must do is offer something different. Whether it’s a solution to a common problem or a unique twist on a traditional product. If you’re going to get your business off the ground, you have to show to potential customers that you’re different than the competitors who are already established on the market. You have to stand out.

To accomplish this, an entrepreneur often must come up with something creative. Something that will catch people’s attention and make their lives easier. You must put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Learn to see from their perspective, and produce a brand-new process or idea. Right off the bat, entrepreneurs are using their creativity.


Success Often Depends on Your Ability to Adapt to Change

Sometimes, entrepreneurs can get stuck on their initial idea. They can become determined to have their business succeed the way they originally envisioned. Determined not to listen to anyone’s advice. They don’t want to hear new ideas that may lead to improvements.  Some entrepreneurs simply remain stubborn in sticking to what has been previously proven to work or to sell.

However, businesses that thrive are the ones that constantly adapt to an expanding market, advances in technology, and even shifts in the local economy. Entrepreneurs who achieve long-lasting success constantly change their ideas, products, and services. They pivot their company to outlast a competitor. Then make it through hard times. While these entrepreneurs value their original idea, they understand it’s the first step of a long transition. In business, changes occur all the time and you need to have the ability to move on.

Entrepreneurs Need to Push Their Potential

Just as some entrepreneurs can’t let go of their original idea, they may also get too comfortable with their routines. This too may make them unwilling to change the way their business is conducted on a daily basis. While there’s something to be said about sticking to what works, it can be dangerous to settle into a routine, for several reasons.

The biggest reason is that you may be missing out on opportunities to expand and better your business. Things may be going fine. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be doing even better. Taking some time to catch your breath before you get back into the thick of things is one thing. But successful entrepreneurs don’t sit back and relax for long. They’re constantly looking for innovation and to stay ahead of competitors. After all, a single solution that’s more creative than yours may put you out of business.

Many entrepreneurs never settle. It doesn’t matter if they’re very happy with their business and the way things are going. The wheels of their mind are constantly spinning. They seek out ways to improve their product, process, or their own knowledge. There are many new ideas out there that you can adopt into your business. Keep an eye out for them.


How to use this information

As you begin a business, you need to stand out. You need to let go of your original ideas as things change so you can adapt.  Constantly be on the lookout for ways to better your business.

While being financially comfortable is indeed important, entrepreneurs who find long-term success are often able to do so through having a creative and open mindset.

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Written by Laura Myers