Intentionally Inspirational has created a really cool quarterly digital magazine that takes a deeper look into marketing trends, themes, and entrepreneurship as a whole. The Inspirational Magazine is a great read with in-depth pieces that I suggest you check out. (In the interest of full disclosure, I did write a piece for it so I might be biased.)

In one of the articles (mine!), we take a look at why blogging still matters. In today’s age of memes, vlogs, YouTube, and Instagram, if a blog can still impact your business and the customers you’re trying to attract? (Spoiler alert: It can.) I suggest you read that if you’re still skeptical about blogging. If not, read on!

The trouble with blogging is that sooner or later you feel like that creative well has run dry. You’ve covered all of the main topics and ideas and now you’re sitting at your computer, pecking at the keys, trying to come up with something new to connect with your audience. It’s tough. I get it.

In an effort to get those words flowing, I’ve come up with a short list of ideas to help keep your blogs fresh and relevant to your readers.

1. Guest Posts — Super simple and sometimes forgettable at least when you’re trying to come up with blog ideas. Find someone in your industry whose opinion you value and ask him or her to write a guest post. It’s a fresh perspective and it saves you writing a blog for a week.

2. Talk About Failure — Our blog is supposed to represent the best of us and our company. So I know it can be tough to say negative things. But you learn something from failure. Why not share what you’ve learned with your audience?

3. Make ’Em Laugh — Everyone knows a good accountant or lawyer joke. Find some good jokes in your niche and then share them in a blog post. Just make sure they’re in good humor and not offensive.

4. Industry Hacks — When you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve figured out some tricks of the trade. For example, when I read something that I might be able to use for a blog post later, I copy the link, paste it in a notepad on my phone and then jot a few notes. When I come back to it later, I have a go-to blog topic. What are your tricks of the trade?

5. Reading List — My husband is one of those people that love to learn, so he’s constantly buying books by people who work in his industry or business as a whole. Recently, he bought three of the exact same book online. When I asked him why, he said, “So I can give them out.” If you have a good book or a favorite blog that you read, write a post about it.

6. Mark Milestones — These are really easy blogs to write because some can write themselves. For example, it’s the 5th anniversary of my blog, here are my top 5 favorite blog posts and why they’re still relevant today!

7. Holidays — Holidays are an easy blog topic as well. In honor of Thanksgiving, do an “I’m thankful for…” blog. For Labor Day maybe talk about what amazing employees you have. Think about how you can tie in your business with any of the major holidays.

8. Keys to Longevity — If you’ve been around for a while odds are it’s because you’re good at what you do. Share what makes your business tick, what you’ve found keeps you relevant.

9. True or False — There are probably some myths surrounding your industry, old wives tales if you will. For example, lots of people tell pregnant women if they crave sweet food, they’re going to have a girl. I don’t know if that’s true, I’m not a doctor. Here’s the point, dispel some myths of your industry with a true or false blog post. There may be so much there that it extends into a quarterly post.

10. Q&A — This one takes a little planning, but it may be the most beneficial to you. Ask your readers for their questions. Once you compile enough, create a blog. Not only will it help your readers, but it may also give you ideas for future blog posts.

I have a lot more ideas, but truthfully I couldn’t fit them all into one post without consuming your entire day. If you liked what I shared here and want more, send us a comment. I’m easily persuaded, plus I’m always looking for cool blog topics!

Have a great day!

Written by Erika Towne