Do you ever let your creativity show? Or are you simply copying everyone else? Have you noticed lately that everyone tries to emulate everyone else with their marketing approach?  I talk to people all of the time who say they “need” Facebook ads, but they don’t know why.  Facebook ads are super hard to do well, especially with all of the algorithm changes. But using your own creativity is what makes your unique!

Who cares?  That is not the point at all.

When is the last time that you did something that just showed the world who you are?  You are your brand, and your brand is you.  Label it any way that you want to and understand that it doesn’t change anything.  A brand is just a modern word for reputation.  Do something because it captures the essence of who you and your team are.  Since everyone is different and every company is different, why would you try to be like everyone else?

Make sense?

Take advantage of the stage that is social media and the internet, and make your presence known.  People blast me with direct messages on Instagram and through LinkedIn all the time, without ever getting my attention.  Does this happen to you too?  I never take it too seriously because it’s always the same old carbon copy junk.  It feels like “hey I don’t know you but….do you want to give me money?”  I have been guilty of the same thing in the past, but it is a waste of my time and money.  If it doesn’t work when people do it to me, why would I do it to someone else?  Once I had that realization, I knew that I needed to start doing stuff my way.

I love it when companies put together crazy videos and pictures that grab my attention.  It is all about getting attention in a world that is already saturated with ads and marketing, everywhere.  You are not going to do this by simply blending into the crowd.  Use your creativity to make a new crowd form around your brand.  Think about Superbowl commercials and how no one remembers any of them except for the funny ones.  Career Builder had one sometime in the last eight years or so that I look up on YouTube at least once a year because it still makes me laugh. 

That is powerful as hell.

I challenge you to create the image that you want for your company without even paying attention to anyone else.  What does another company’s marketing have to do with yours?  If you aren’t a creative person, no worries because I have a solution for you.  Hire someone who is!  Crazy idea, right?  I am fairly creative, and I intentionally surround myself with other creative people.  For example, Tiffany from my team edited this blog and put together the image for it.  She creates all of the social content too and does so without any “rules.”  She knows the brand and where we are trying to go, so I just encourage her to run with it.  Right, Tiff? 

I get creative in my writing, on the podcast and with the new brand awareness focus that I have on our social media marketing.  Who cares what I am doing though?  Remember that I just told you not to focus on any company but your own?  Let’s now talk about you.  Here is the bottom line with everything that I have tried to say here.  If you don’t love your results and you feel like you are wasting money, try something new and very different from everyone else.  Your unharnessed creativity may be the very thing that changes everything for you.