Have you ever noticed that everyone has a business idea for a startup that they are going to do “someday?”  The sad reality is that most of them will never take the first step to do anything about making their startup a reality though.  Why?  It requires effort, makes you step into your fear and forces you to leave that warm and cushy comfort zone.

Does this all make sense or perhaps even sound familiar now?

Speaking from my own experience, starting a new business can be difficult, but it’s not rocket science either (unless it literally is rocket science).  The getting started part is the most difficult step for most people to take and it is all a mental game.  You may worry about what other people will think and how they may treat you.  I promise you that this is a VERY valid concern because people will judge the hell out of you.  Accept it now or accept it later, doesn’t matter because the finish line is the same.  It may sound like I am going down a cynical road, but I assure you that I am not.  There is no bigger fan of entrepreneurship than me, and I hope that everyone reading this will pursue the limits of their wildest dream.  I also know that this will never happen for all of you.  For the folks who are still reading every line of this, here is my message:

[Tweet “The first step is the hardest and the most important.”]
Feel free to tweet that one because it rocks!

I will never bet more than I am willing to lose, but I should also tell you that I am willing to lose more than most people will bet. Personally, I can’t tolerate the idea of having regrets when I reach the end of my life. So I like taking chances with new ideas to see what actually happens.  I’ll either fail or succeed, and there are no other possibilities. Since I have this perspective, it makes taking that initial step an easy one.  What is the worst thing that can happen to you?  Can you imagine your life being the same as it is today in ten years?  A bunch of you are ok with that, but for the rest of you, it scares the living sh** out of you.  


If you have an idea that you want to try, just do it.  You will gain experience and be allowed to have a real opinion since it comes from the actual act of doing it.  It is my definition that I just made up, but it drives me crazy when people have opinions and advice without ever actually doing something.  It makes no sense at all.  Do you have a startup that you are about to launch?

So I would love to see what you think about all of this.  Are you ready to get started with your new startup or are you still struggling with some mental block?  If your truth is my last option, let me know in the comments and let’s figure this thing out.