We all know handling a holiday can be rough. The holidays take their toll on everything from your stress level, your weight, and many other things along the way. It is easy to see how your business can get pushed to the side during such a busy time. 

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to sleep a little more and take extra days off this time of year? 

I live in the Midwest, so it is cold outside as we near the holiday. Plus it gets dark much earlier because of that daylight saving insanity.   I am mentioning all of this to explain to you that the struggle is real!  Just because it is harder to stay plugged into things doesn’t mean that it is any less important during the holiday.   

I haven’t had a real vacation in about eight years and that is not something that I am proud of.  With that being said, I have come to understand the power of momentum and daily habits though.  I have a lot of practice as I have just explained to you.  I do spend more time sleeping and intentionally disconnecting from the business this time of year compared to any other time of year.  It requires more effort and discipline to do what I need to get done, but I still do it anyways.  I know that I need momentum. Also, I need good habits to jump-start the new year in the fashion that I need to in order to accomplish next year’s goals.  

How are your energy levels feeling lately?

I jumped on YouTube the other today to share a recent observation. My observation was how most people have no fight in them these days.  You seldom see someone start a business and stick with it a year or even 90 days!  It’s sad because we know that they haven’t even given things a chance to work.  If you are wondering how and why I think any of this is relevant, just keep reading. I promise that I am getting there soon.  

If you already have a business then I applaud you and I caution you not to let up.  I suppose if you are content with where you are and growth is not part of next year’s plan, then none of this matters.  These are not usually the type of people that I attract with the content that I create though.  Anyways, let’s get back on track to the point here.  I want you to enjoy the holiday season with your family and whoever else. But I need you to commit to pushing hard to get the things done that you know you need to.  Your future self with thank you for it in just a matter of weeks.

How is it just as easy not to do something as it is to do it?

A concept that I occasionally reflect back on is that it is easy to do most things and just as easy not to do them.  It’s a simple concept but it really hits home hard.  Don’t you think?  I have noticed another reality lately. Clients get a bit harder to come by at this time of year too.  This is not unique to my business, but most I would assume with retail and e-commerce being the exception to this.  Again, it may require more effort and patience to bring on new business this time of year too. 

Here is my takeaway clearly identified for you now.  If you have a new business or one that you are trying to grow, do not make the mistake of becoming complacent just because you want to relax.  Stay focused and you will launch hard into 2018.  Good times will be returning right around the corner, so keep chugging until you get there.  

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