Is there anything more enjoyable than laughing as hard as you possibly can?  Its hard not to smile right now thinking about it.  Am I right?  Since we were children, laughter has always been associated with happiness and the most authentic grade of joy.  In fact when my kids cry or start throwing a fit, I look for that little smile that they sometimes try to hide.  When I see it I ask them if they are “happy or sad,” and I politely remind them that they cannot be both.  They almost always start laughing and reveal that they were faking the whole dramatic episode.  This should serve as a valuable reminder to us all that laughter means that you are happy, even if only lasts a moment.  Happiness trumps sadness and reserves the same slot in your psychological toolbox.  Even if you laugh daily now I want to challenge you to seek out the humor in life, and laugh hard and often!

I have long been an advocate of the idea that our individual perspectives are a choice and help to shape our experiences.  Intentionally seeking out the humor in life will add an increased level of enjoyment for you and it costs you nothing.  Sounds like a good trade off to me.  You will find that you start to attract other upbeat people into your life that appreciate a good chuckle as well.  We attract the type of energy that we put out and this is precisely why you hear the phase that “misery loves company.”  I try to inject humor into every situation that is appropriate and even some where it is not appropriate….oops.  I do this more for my entertainment than anything else, but it keeps me smiling and showing the world my pearly whites.  I would offer the same joyful ride for you and this is certainly attainable for you as well, since you are the captain of your own ship.

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Think of some of the most unhappy people that you know and see if you can impact them by introducing some humor into their life.  Perhaps you can help influence their perspective on things without them even noticing.  Nothing good is as good as it could be if you don’t spread the love around to others.  We do not realize the amount of lives that we touch everyday and humor is an awesome opportunity to lift someone up.  Here is my personal offer to all of you.  If you ever need a injection of comic relief into your day, reach out to me and I will give that to you!  Beyond the good feeling that laughter gives you there are numerous physical benefits to your mind and body too.  How many depressed people to you know that laugh hard and often?  Not too many.  How many ultra successful people do you know that smile and laugh often?  I would guess most if not all of them.  See the connection here?

You know the material that makes you laugh, so surround yourself with more of it throughout your day.  Laughter is a lot of fun and contagious as well, with no antibiotics needed.  Make a effort to spend the rest of your day today seeking the things that give you joy and a humorous poke.  If you think post will help someone else, share it and perhaps you can help brighten the day for a friend, family member or a complete stranger.  Making someone else laugh, often makes me laugh harder and then they laugh harder.  It can quickly become a wonderfully vicious cycle in a good way of course!

Science has proved, although we knew it all along, that humor is our best medicine. It reduces stress, promotes physical healing, is essential for mental health and can add years to one’s life. “The Healing Power of Humor” gives detailed insights on the power of humor and the techniques.