Social media has quickly become an essential part of digital marketing. Not only can you reach and listen to customers around the world, but you also have the opportunity to share your unique brand and gain information on your industry.

There is so much potential, and the sooner you take advantage of it, the better. Here are some of the ways your business benefits from social media marketing:


It Increases Brand Recognition

Communication and networking are vital, especially in today’s world. Social platforms can help you establish your company’s unique voice to support your overall brand image. These platforms allow you to share pictures and videos which showcase your products.

Remember every opportunity you have to increase your visibility and connect to a wider audience is valuable. Although you may already have a large customer base, social media networks make you more accessible for new customers. Overall, your presence makes you more recognizable and presents a new channel for your brand’s content and voice.


You Can Achieve Better Search Rankings

Search rankings are greatly impacted by your social media presence. Currently, it’s not enough to update your content and optimize your site. SEO requirements are constantly changing. Most brands that use social platforms are regarded as legitimate and credible. Being active online signifies to search engines—and to customers—that you’re relevant and trustworthy. You sharing content on your accounts aids your brand’s constancy and validity.


It Enriches Your Customer Service

Social media also allows you the opportunity to listen and reach out to customers directly. People post comments or questions on your page, make sure you take the time to personally respond, or hire someone to do so. Use personalized messages that are funny, heartfelt, or informative. That is all it takes for someone to decide to invest in your business. Remember that every interaction you have is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your high level of customer service.


You’ll Expand Market Awareness

Social media provides you with the opportunity to do some “social listening.” On top of directly communicating with your customers, be sure you pay attention to their wants and needs, and how they behave online. Including monitoring the user comments to get people’s opinions on your business or products. After you hear what they are thinking, incorporate that feedback. See what type of content gets the most interest and produce more of it.

When you’re not online, you aren’t able to pay attention to your customers this way. In fact, marketplace awareness is considered to be one of the most valuable advantages of social media for businesses.


You Have Nothing to Lose

Really, there is very little risk by getting involved in social media. Compared with some other marketing options, the amount of money and time you need to invest is usually minimal. After all, most accounts are free. It’s relatively easy to establish your presence, and the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to experience these benefits and grow your audience. On top of all this, social platforms also can be used as a research tool for you to gain a better understanding of your industry.

Social media marketing, if done right, brings you more traffic and more customers. Since it is here to stay, you’d benefit from learning how to use it to your advantage. For some great tips on how often you need to post on social platforms be sure to check out this previous post. 


Written by Laura Myers