It’s close to Christmas now and a new year is upon us.  As I reflect back upon the last 12 months, I realize that I tried a lot of new things this year.  I was intentional about staying out of my comfort zone as much as possible and I think I did that.  I think I will do even more of that next year because I am ready for what comes next.  Some things that I tried failed miserably and I had my share of wins too.  The good thing is that no one remembers your failures and they are just part of the growth process.  

That is all good and well for me, but what about you?

When you think back and relive the year in your mind, how do you feel?  Regardless of how it went, there is always room for improvement and more wins to grab, right?  This is the time of year when people start talking about resolutions and vowing to make changes, while often times embracing the same behavior and patterns that they stick to every year.  Ugh…

Did you catch that?

If you only retain one line from this blog post, let it be the next one.  It does not matter what you say and it only matters what you actually do.  This applies to everyone, no matter what their circumstances are.  Action is a critical ingredient in the process of change. 

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I really want to drive this point deep into your mind because if you hear me and listen, it may change your life.  Do you know what won’t change your life?  Doing the same things that you have always done and expecting different results.  Even though January 1st may feel like a brand new life for you, it’s really no different than today.  If you want to lose weight, make more money, finish that book or start that business, get going today!  Tomorrow is not promised, so seize the greatest opportunity that you have which is the right now.

I encourage everyone reading this to go after their potential with everything that they have.  If a new version of yourself is what you need right now, then make it happen.  Start thinking about the people that you surround yourself with and ask yourself if they are helping to uplift you or to bring you down.  If they aren’t an asset, give yourself some space to grow.  This is also a good time to get crystal clear on your goals and write them down everyday.  Finally, I can’t stress enough about the importance of personal development.  Check out some podcasts, audiobooks, ebooks or a solid blog to keep feeding your mind with new information and encouragement.  I have some great suggestions in these areas, but this post isn’t about what I can offer you.  🙂

I wish you luck making the rest of this year the best that it can be and I hope to decide to make the next one even better.  Stay inspired my friends, and stay active in the pursuit of the things that you want.