Most entrepreneurs that I have met are really excited about what they are trying to do…well at least, initially. In the beginning, recharging may not be necessary as you have so much energy and excitement around your new business. As time goes on recharging your batteries becomes a necessity, but why?

They are in love with their ideas and the vision that they have for their business.  I have been there, and it is an awesome feeling. It is best compared to the dating phase of a new relationship.

Personally, I call the first few months the “honeymoon” phase of things. The phase where everything is still new and exciting.

This is the point before any failures occur and before plans get changed.

Have you been there before?

At some point, you will find yourself exhausted and out of motivation.  Everyone gets run down at some point or another.  For some people, it takes a few weeks and for others, it may take years.  This is what makes all of us human and it’s also what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the majority that go out of business in just a few years.

The successful ones are recharging their batteries

A way to get their motivation back time and time again.  This group of people get past their feelings and don’t get hung up on their shortcomings.  They get pissed off when they are unsatisfied with their current situation, and refuse to give up until they get where they want to go.  Also, they remember the reasons that they went into business for themselves in the first place.

The casualties in entrepreneurship allow circumstances to define them and become victims to their own limiting beliefs.  They take themselves out of the game before they ever step foot on the field.  That powerful, negative inner voice can be the loudest one that you ever hear if you allow it to.  The illusion is that you have no control over your circumstances, but the reality is that you do.

Can you think of the main difference between the two groups of people?

The shocking truth is that there isn’t a tangible difference between the two.  Anyone who ends up a failure has the ability to be a success and this includes you.  It doesn’t matter what I think or what your friends or family think.  The only opinion that really matters is the one that you hold about yourself.

You must believe that you are capable and worthy of living the life that you want to live. 

To make this a reality, you need to be successful in your endeavors and for many of you, this will include a business.  Success breeds more success, and to have this you must push for it and focus on it every day.

This is where you develop the ability to recharge your batteries when they inevitably run out.  Your need for reaching your goals must exceed your willingness to just merely exist.  All of this is a decision and built upon the foundation of belief and hope.  Has this post found you in a place where you feel like you have given all that you have?  If so, I challenge you to dig a little deeper.  I mean if it were easy, everyone would be a raging success and we know that they are not.

You can find the fire to get inspired and start grinding again. Start recharging your battery. I can provide some of the content to motivate you, but I cannot take action for you.  Your time and your big opportunity are here right now.  The only question left to ask is “what are you going to do about it?”

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